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I was bored, so I spent like an hour and made this.

So in Tactics Ogre (gameboy advance game) there was this one battle I couldn’t beat. All my guys kept dying and shit. So then I get the brilliant idea of recruiting an army of ghosts (when they die or whatever you can bring them right back to life), and furthermore give each of the 6 ghosts the spell that resurrects any undead that’ve fallen on that turn. So I’ve got 6 extremely well equipped ghosts, a zombie dragon, and my main character… and I’m not sure if I can beat the game with that lack of diversity or not. Hopefully this’ll make sense to someone, I took some sleeping pills and talked to a drunk chick so my brain ain’t in tip top shape at the moment.

B i z R R y a n: look what away message i still have from long ago…

KodaDragon: Lol, aww shit man.

*** Auto-response from B i z R R y a n:

Koda Dragon: I’ll get F on one ball and D on the other one…

Koda Dragon: then I can say I need U on my cock

This is from last year, when my nickname at F-burg was Fud (I’d get high, see rabbits, you get the idea).

Oooh, they updated blogger or something, this is fancy as hell.

Anyhow, so chocolate milk fucked up my keyboard… look at me, I’m still typing.

Oh, and my graphics card shorted out my motherboard, but wait, I can see the screen and my computer is working.

Hmm, whats going on?

Reality needs to learn that I will FUCK IT UP, and that goes double for computers, goddamn glorified calculators.

My fucking keyboard is dead> Spilled chocolate milk into it earlier and apparently it isn”t< like

I figured how to turn my webcam images into (crappy) movies, so I present for your viewing pleasure:
Dog food or people food?
My face
My face (again, yay)
Me flipping you off (and being a nut)
Part 1 of a MASSIVE COMPILATION (like 800k)
Part 2 of a MASSIVE COMPILATION (like 800k)

Hope you enjoy these, and if you don’t, fuck off ­čśë

“Ah, soy milk, how you resemble milk in both appearance and texture, and yet remain soy, to me is a mystery. You, soy milk, are truly both a wonder and an oddity, and tho the taste you may not have, I shall drink and celebrate you nonetheless.” – Misc. Guy Who Definately Isn’t Emory

No big news for the day, I haven’t slept (like thats news), worked out ‘the guns’ and I’ll go buy the GameBoy Player around noon (and since I download GBA roms, this means lots of free videogames for me to play on the TV). Uhm, something was leaking out of my car yesterday, so heres hoping that it wasn’t brake fluid! (and if so, I’ve prepared a will, its somewhere on my harddrive alongside a bunch of other things which should NEVER see the light of day).

The List

If anyone happened to read the post below before I deleted it, assuming thats what happened, fill me in wouldya? Thanks.

‘Yet another person you can hate without actually knowing.’ Enjoy?!

Damnit, got out of bed around 6:30, went to dinner at a restaurant (ooh, fancy), got back at like 9… trying to find something to do. Keeping these vampiric hours cannot be good for my attempt at a social life.

In other news, goth chicks on want to meet me. A good thing? I have no idea.

Update: I think Ashley called at like 12-something and we rented Old School which I thought was pretty great (and suprisingly she did too). I also saw some random chick I went to highschool with on my way into Blockbuster and I was like “Franklin highschool?” and she was like “Yeah” and I was like “So… who are you?” and she was like “Hmm, who are you?” and I was all “Emory” and she was like “Ahh, I’ve heard of you” and then her name was something but I’ve forgotten it because she wasn’t all that attractive. But then there was some other girl which I recognized on the way -out- of Blockbuster, she was damn fine but she was with some pretty thuggy looking bastards, apparently Ashley knows her and she is in 10th grade which made me feel like a perv. She was still fucking hot. Oh, and Ashley left her keys in her car, dumbass.

Wow, I did like nothing today. Rolled out of bed around 3 in typical EmoryM fashion, watched some cartoons (Yu-Gi-Oh was especially troubling), uhh… I was supposed to hang out with Ashley or something but the bitch apparently ain’t uhm, whats the word? Dependable =D

In other news, I did so little today I think I may have done a negative amount of work. That is, assuming I do stuff tommorow, it will only make up for today and not really count. Understand? No? Thats the way I likes it.

Did I mention I was bored? Yeah, I’m bored, to the X-treme (thats like boredom with kneepads). I think this site has about 3 stable readers, which is funny, since I don’t really update every day for sure. Still looking for my hook.

I’m a bad bad man =D

In other news, on the offchance she’ll read this one day, happy birthday pizzagirl.

Buy something from me on Yahoo! or eBay, won’t you? Sites this good ain’t free… well ok, so the webspace isn’t really getting paid for, but the domain, awwww yeah, it was like $80 for 5 years when I got it roughly two years ago, so if you factor in inflation and the war and terrorism and Ashcroft and shit that means as a reader you owe me approximately $736 US or 5 Euros. Oh, and if you’re gonna get smart, the baby ain’t mine bitch and I ain’t payin you no child support til the test results come back.

No more drinking, no more drugs, working out, A+, Microsoft Certifications, working, trying to get laid, no more talking to chicks online. I manage this for a little over seven months, and I will rock more than you can imagine. All I’ve got to do is give up those things I let define me, those things that got me nowhere (namely getting drunk, getting high, knowing Stephanie). Without pain, without sacrifice, I would have nothing.

Uhh, thats the 4 cars from the original game… all controlled by actual people… racing eachother, on the screen, at once… I need to change my pants.

Yaknow, everyone goes through some shit… you can either keep bitching about it, or you can say “Alright, well, that fucking sucks and so help me God I hate the world and all its’ inhabitants which I vow one day to kill” and move on. I’m going to take courses from July to November to get my MCP, MCSE and MCSA certifications. Those stand for Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Certified System Engineer and Microsoft Certified System Administrator… additionally I’m going for my Category 5 Cabling certification and my CompTIA A+… uhm, I’ll basically be qualified to walk into a company, install and maintain a network, repair and upgrade individual machines, or really do whatever else they might need for their network infrastructure. Job market isn’t looking too hot, but I figure I’ll get this taken care of, apply to places accross the US, move to where work is and make a decent living… first year salary should be around 35K, which is looking very respectable if I can be earning that before I’m 21. Also as you acrue years in Information Tech, your salary seems to jump leaps and bounds, also additional certifications mean mo’ money. And hey, I can always finish up my degree with night courses or something once I’m free, clear and independent…

Sounds nice, don’t it?

Desire to kill: Eh, maybe like one guy, lol.

Radzyn S: home blows

KodaDragon: heh

*** Auto-response from Radzyn S: I’m here, but don’t tell anyone.. shhh

KodaDragon: I’m chillin with the stink mold trying to get Word to make me a fucking resume so I can go work some meaningless job so I can pay bills to buy things I don’t need and will be sold when I die to pay for my coffin.

*** Radzyn S signed off at Sun Jun 08 23:55:25 2003.

What am I doing: Being Awake.

What are you doing: Sleeping.

Desire to kill: Moderate

How am I today? Angry.

How are you today? Stupid.

Desire to kill: (phe)Nominal

Saw my cousin Damon graduate, along with a couple other people I sorta know (Kevin, Scott Davis, McNally and Jeremy Holland), it was nice.

Fuck this, its 8am and I didn’t get any sleep last night. Apparently the medication the doctor put me on has the side effect of insomnia, which coupled with the fact I already have insomnia makes me one pissed off son of a bitch. Oh, and I’m expected to help my Dad move in 30 minutes because the dumb fuck hurt himself and won’t go to the doctor, apparently he can’t swing appointments on an alcoholic’s salary. Mom is firmly passed out on the couch.

I want to retire the rope belt, because its not a rope, its the fucking bottom of a T-shirt. The reason I started wearing the thing was because I was always losing my belt, so I guess thats a little thing we in the Navy call being “shit outta luck… semper fi”. I should also probably get my hair cut and shave, but who gives a shit, nobodys looking at me, what do I care?

You can’t keep a good Emory down.

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