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Soul Calibur II is kinda disappointing… not that I ever played the first one, but I was expecting something that would fetch my slippers, bake me a cake and give me oral sex. As-is it let me take it to the movies, and when I tried to put my arm around it sighed loudly. So yeah, that game is overhyped… F-Zero on the other hand, I’ve played and it rocked my socks off, so I’m asking for that for my birthday from a certain girl who said she would buy it for me… for my birthday 😉











Beware the ides of MULLET – You like that link, don’t you baby? You love to click it, aww yeah, you dirty girl, click that link, click it faster…

Update to my drinking XploitZ the other night: Apparently Dad sent me back into John’s to get my keys, and I returned with *dun dun dun* a PS2 controller, PS2 games, some empty CD wallet thing and the phone. Why do I always take phones? I have no frikking idea.

Woke up hungover in the basement sans pants. Where are my pants you ask? Why, at John’s house I say. And how? Well, it involved two 40s of Olde English followed by a little grain alcohol… a little too much grain alcohol. I didn’t get into any fights or piss anyone off, at least I don’t think I did, however I gave my mom some shit (or so she tells me, well, yelled at me, at about 9am this morning). For some reason I didn’t want to stay where I was and so called Dad to come get me at around 3am. Just another crazy crazy day I guess, my interview at the videogame store went fairly well I think, I’d really love to have that job (it’d give me the freetime I know and love, as well as the ability to ‘check out’ games for 4 days for free like, as soon as they came out). And uhm, thats basically everything of interest, and I earned some brownie points about an hour ago.

Hey Look, its Kate’s boyfriend! Link of the Day, Sorry.

I was reading random things on the internet this weekend and read your piece on things that you hate, it honestly was the most enjoyable, fresh, funny and emotional exerpt I have ever read on the internet. – Colin – San Francisco, CA


Link of the day, courtesy of… Stephanie? Whats going on here? I don’t have a clue, but still, its a good one 😉

Back from Delaware, I went to Starbucks and yeah, picked up some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles VHS tapes too (woo!)…Thank you interrupter Jones. That is also my egg. On the way down I listened to the Ghostbusters 2 soundtrack (on casette no less), so suffice it to say I got my monthly dose of the 80s. Hmm, I did something else really cool too, lemme think… oh yeah, saw American Wedding and Freddy vs. Jason… personally I would’ve combine the two. Just picture it, Jason in a gay danceoff, Freddy acting like a good guy to impress a girl, Stifler attacking E-tards… hilarity, thy name is crotch jokes coupled with beheadings. I have like 580 emails, argh. I brought back your fondoo pot. I’ll make this a really long update because I am waiting for food to make with the cooking so I can get to the eating of it or whatnot and some such. Oh, and Stephanie bought me Bunnicula!!! Yay.

“If you want to search the Web I suggest google, because if you use Netscape, it crashes a lot.” – Librarian…

Apparently she doesn’t know the difference between a web browser (like Netscape) vs. a web page (like Google)… but hey, the way she kinda talked down to me was cute 😉

That Emory, he is one puckish lad eh? This is Barthalamu, his butler. Mr. Myers is going to Delaware for one, nay, a few days, at which time he will return and most likely be in a wonderful mood. Why you ask? That lass Stephanie, you nancyboy, surely you’ve heard of my master’s antics? I often tell the regal tale of when Mr. Myers lept from the window of a fraternity house! Why, he nary escaped intact, it was oft believed he’d run from the police! The good Emory however, was severely inebriated, and so his recollection is foggy at best. Or when he went to that soiree and imbibed no less than two fourty ounce decanters of Steel Reserve in a single night with the Penguins of Distortion! And though his anecdotes amuse me, I, Barthalamu Sampson Jeeves III am perfectly content being but a humble servant…

Its 7:30. Nobody else is online. I can’t fucking sleep. See the kind of shit insomnia makes me write? Well, insomnia with a healthy dose of a Mr. Belvedeere inspired hallucination named after one of the Simpsons. The MS-Paint gallery has been updated. And I continue researching what exactly to ask for for my birthday.

I’m not entirely sure if this link will work, but if so, prepare for on acid.

Link of the Day.. some 16 year old girl’s webjournal!!! (hey look, Kate didn’t send me anything, and I haven’t even been to this site yet, just figured what the hell, if you’re reading you must love random bizarre shit). So yeah, Go read about Devillion. Oh, and yaknow how sometimes you run out of room on the desktop? Oh, you don’t, because your organized? Well, here is a useful tip… every time that happens increase your resolution. Things get harder to read, but you get an assload more space.

Granted the timing is odd, but Stephanie and John are now up in the friends section. Joey is on there too, but he didn’t get his own section (just like I didn’t get my flash intro, cmon maaaan, please?)…

Somebody tell me which one to ask for for my Birthday, mkay?

ge1ss: your wednesday 8/6 entry… you need to update that with : i wish mike were here to help me blow all this hard earned money on pointless things like cars and women and booze.

ge1ss: or something like that

KodaDragon: Hahah

Not in Delaware, Steph broke the plans. So that fucking sucks. Anybody want to see American Wedding or Freddy vs. Jason (or, yaknow, partay) just let me know. Girls suck.

Ashley called at 10:30 this morning! She told mom on me, damnit, lol. Thats like the first time thats happened… well, for a long ass time. Then she got on the phone and she was being all fast-talkin-angry-cute, which is something Ashley does well… not that I’m kissing her ass, because she really should’ve noticed Holland was online… or, yaknow, called him… or looked at online obituaries… or anything whatsoever. She won’t trust me with her Buffy DVDs but it comes to someone dying and I suddenly become trustworthy? Yeah yeah yeah, my fault I know, not diverting the blame. Funny tho.

So apparently the whole “Joey Holland got dumped by his girlfriend and killed himself” thing got around, as was evidenced by the fact Lesley called me earlier crying her pretty little guts out. Apparently Ashley called her (tho I thought Ashley would’ve realized I was BSing, yaknow, by the fact Joey is online), and they called other people, and there were lots of phonecalls being made to and fro, fro and to, to and a fro, afros are cool. So yeah, now I can look forward to all that sadness I inadvertently caused turning into hatred, hatred for yours truly. But I guess any publicity is good publicity, including word of mouth that I’m an evil bastard… right?

Today I gave John a ride to Darkon and Tony came too and I sat in a lawn chair watching people beat one another with foam rubber weapons for quite a few hours. I also slept a bit. And the sun burnt me, I’m all pink like that damn Snork, remember the one? The one that was all pink? Yeah, except I can’t breathe water nearly so well, I’ve got the whole ‘suffocating to death’ thing to contend with. I’m fairly certain I contracted the UV-madess, which means that bright orb of burning hydrogen done drove me crazy. In the words of the great White Stripes “I think I smell alright.”

Linked for your Pleasure – I have no idea – google search for ‘monkey ass blue grass whistle’.

Got together with two of my friends last night, namely John and Erica. We played some Lasery Tag over at the Ultrazone, it was fairly great, since I’d never played Laser Tag before. It was there that I saw the one and only Game Master, needless to say I was impressed not only with his immense power, but with his shirt which said Game Master, I would’ve gotten his autograph but I got all shy. Plus I was busy watching the punk chick shake her groove things on the Dance Dance Revolution machine (I’d like to thank bra makers, Sega and God for that). Afterwards we went to Denny’s where we ate the food, then Erica split and John & I met up with our old friend Jack Daniels. Slept til 3pm today, watched like 5 eps of the Osbournes, and… woo… slept from 8pm to 3am. This update is fairly humorless. One time I met a monkey named Harold and he assured me he could drive, so I let him take the wheel and we wound up in Idaho. Moral of the story? Never trust a monkey, especially not that dirty bastard Harold. Whats that? You want a link? FINE.

Link of the Tommorow – Kelly’s Webjournal – She so crazy.

Woke up today, went out to the bank, got my name on one of Dad’s business accounts. I’ve got access to $100,000 and some cents at the moment. I’m not sure why people keep trusting me, its like… what could Emory do?

Emory could develope a serious coke problem, go to Nightshift on a daily basis and take an extended holiday in Canada where he’d ruin what was left of his liver and gamble away some hard earned money. But what does he do? Sit here, typing this.

Its times like this I miss being really crazy 😉

I had a dream I was roommates with Jason, yaknow, of slasher flic fame. I think he killed one of my other friends, but beyond that, pretty nice guy. You wouldn’t think it, but good conversationalist, he even explained the whole mask thing. He also killed the yellow M&M (from those commercials where they have arms and legs and freak out at Santa and stuff) which was pretty strange, since there was like a chocolate smear on the floor… oh, and he caught a rat and BBQ’d it. He did however make jokes during, like he put a hot coal on it’s head and said “He needs a pillow.”

Lets see, anything else interesting happen in my brain? Oh, I dreamed there was some sort of carfish that I had to rescue from being eaten. It could talk tho, it was really strange, it had little wheels but looked a lot like a catfish. A catfish with teeth and wheels.

I’m not crazy, I promise.

Ikeh1780: i am BOred.

KodaDragon: Well

KodaDragon: You should uhh

KodaDragon: Write something for my website.

KodaDragon: Like you were supposed to do a year ago, lol.

KodaDragon: -or-

Ikeh1780: hmmm

KodaDragon: Buy a bunch of feeder crickets and put them in a box and drop the box off at a Toys For Tots drive so the kids open the box and wham! bug corpses! yaaay!

Link of the Right Now – Kate’s LiveJournal Type Thing – WOO

ATTENTION KATE AND JOHN: I got 11 on the Fight Club quiz. This saddens me.

Steph… I mean Delaware, yeah, Delaware was pretty great. So great I spent most’ve yesterday sleeping. And then this morning I wake up around 11:45 and there is a 7 year old boy named Zach and his 5 year old sister Emily in my house… those kids were crazy. Zach basically played the fact he was cute for all its worth, and when that failed, got violent. Having done that, and continuing to do so when circumstances allow, I can definately respect the kid. Pretty strong too, elbowed me in the crotch because he wanted to play PlayStation. I didn’t let him, but yaknow, if he was my kid I would’ve been damn proud. The girl could count to 100, which I’m still not sure I can do, so mad props to her as well.

I’ve been slacking off on the link of the day, but hey, that sort’ve thing happens when I don’t really use the computer. So uhm

Its not funny… just think of it like – BUT FREE