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Your link of the day – Except for the conspiracy part, THIS IS EXACTLY HOW I THINK

I’m really tired. Today at work I got Viewtiful Joe bobble heads, 2 T-shirts, a new mousepad, some figurines for some crazy game, a comic book having to do with an upcoming game, this supercool little MegaMan clock uhh a poster and yeah. After work Mike, Bill and I went over to Eric’s house… played some Soul Calibur 2, ate some pizza, good times… it’d be better if I had some energy, yaknow, any energy… anything whatsoever people, lol, I’m about a day away from becoming my old caffeine-junkie ‘I don’t sleep and I like it that way’ self.

Game wise…

Disgaiaiaiaiia (however the fuck you spell it, RPG/Strat for PS2) = Good

MegaMan Battle Transmission = Amazingly Hard

Screenname of the day: amangle1

Thats Andy Mangle, he was in my Poly Sci. class and on my side for a debate.. it was me him and Brandon, right, so we all wore jeans, a white T-shirt and a leather jacket… we matched, it was great. Oh, and we totally fucking tore up the other team what with Andy being a genius, Brandon being factual and me getting up there talkin about the pants of politics, the bare asses of anarchy and a president that ate kittens. He also got me started going “Hey chief”.

So my computer got killed by Isabel, that dirty bitch… anyhow, since my basement is a computer graveyard and I really didn’t have anything else to do I went ahead and constructed what I’ll call… Zobeker (EQ reference, feel free to mock me)

Zobeker has some RAM, a 266mhz processor, a slightly used S3 Trident video card, a relatively new Diamond Multimedia 56k modem and an old 6 gig harddrive. He also comes fully loaded with an illegal copy of WindowsXP and a couple of USB ports… Mwahahha, it lives.

But will he get along with MegaMan? *dun dun dun* Only time will tell. And yes this post is 99% pointless.

Lets see if this updates?

Everyone should IM Hondababie16 and tell her to stop bothering me to be put onto my webpage, 😉

During winds in excess of 50mpg, just hide in her rolls

Baby T’s stroller is hella fast

Please feed her… please?

Zombies need love too!

she = large

Today was uhm… Wednesday all right… Mmmhmm yep. Wound up not working, Mwahahaha damnit (I need $$)… tommorow is a big day, heh, I work at both jobs AND a hurricane is coming! Oh, and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is still disappointing me… clan EmoryM doesn’t do anything important, I’m rescuing professors and picking daiseys for Christs’ sake. If I wanted to pick daiseys I wouldn’t be on the couch, I’d be outside gathering some actual flowers, which I’d give to… well… somebody. Definately not a moogle tho, since the moogles in FFTA look like a five year old trying to draw a rabbit, and failing. Miserably. And then vomiting on the paper, because as he was drawing he was eating crayons. Little bastard. And then there are also lizardmen (who look like ass) and these other guys who look sorta like Eore if he was on two legs and smirking. Even the commercials for this game are gay, way to suck at advertising NOA… why don’t you just have a guy in a suit? I mean, it worked for Mario Sunshine… no wait, that sucked too. But on a positive note…

fuck it, I’m sad.

All of the following girls wanted to meet me via, hence they chose to subject themselves to the WRATH OF EMORY(tm).

The camera or her face, which to break first?

Somebody needs to cut (back on) the Cheese


Her arm is larger than my thigh.

She scares boys. And they like it.

I can’t recall if I’ve made fun of this beast yet

Like a mini-Garaffalo

*cough* High *cough*


She remind anyone else of a hairless cat?

She looks like a car wreck. No seriously. The shirt.

Remember the Gremlin chick from Gremlins 2?

She likes peanut butter. Evil peanut butter.

Infected or what?

Being slapped in the face != Weightloss

Jess from Frostburg’s Doppleganger.

The 90s called, they want their HoHos back

An ugly girl

Like old-Stephanie, but 25% as goodlooking!

Lets hope it doesn’t breed

Theres one less squirrel in the world


Christina Aguilara!

As I type this Fight Club is playing at around 100+ FPS on my Zire 71. How you ask? Well, the card reader came in the mail today, so the 400+ meg file my computer generated overnight transferred in around 5 minutes… Rock.

I’ve tried to call Steph like twice tonight and once last night… I dunno, this shit is pissing me off. Like the phone is either busy or off tonight, and for some reason I go and assume its busy. And then I figure she is talking to her ex-bf Nate… instead of me… so I get pissed off and ready to breakup over whats probably just her talkin to Tash or Megan or just busy at work with her phone off. Bleh, I gotta learn to trust people one of these days, people besides Mr. T and Bill Nye (I pity the fool who don’t think science is cool).

I flirted my way into two free movie tickets tonight and some drunk girl informed me that I was sexy and tried to give me her number, I ❤ the mall.

Today at work Larry got Quizno’s… my chicken sub kicked ass, go Larry. And I got the 512mb card for my Zire71… I’ve got Fight Club converting into a PDB as we speak, and I’m in the process of transferring over my Eminem LPs. Tommorow I’ll be GameStopping it between the hours of 11 to 2, and then I’m doing a little home improvement to the tune of eight an hour… woo. What else you ask? This else I say! So I went to get gas on the way home and the gas pump was all “See Attendant” and the attendant was all “Your card is no good!” and the Sears people were all “Your bank fucked up the routing number” and now I’m all “Gotta yell at the bank tommorow, bastards.”… but Sears isn’t giving me any kind of fee, and the bank better not give me any shit because I just deposited 1200 in my account (a grand of which was in hundred dollar bills) so I know my standing with them is gravy. Steph wants to be a sorority girl so bad, bleh… I’m not sure why, but I’ve got a bad feeling about that. These MP3s are taking forever to transfer, my dedicated card reader had better get here soon. If anyone wants to buy me the full version of Warfare Incorporated, feel free, that game rocks… and I still haven’t played Final Fantasy Tactics Advance =(

Link of the Day: Things will be okay Mr. Monkey

Front Mission 4 screenshots. Though I’ve got to say, considering the depth of 3 the lack of interface shots has me a bit concerned. Or shots of actual gameplay… unless 4 is moving away from the tactical style of 3, which would FUCKING SUCK.


She is a big music fan. Or was that donut fan?!? Where do I come up with them?!?

Anyhow, today work was pretty great. Grayson let me have these sunglasses from P.N. 03… so uhm, everything is yellow… because I’m wearing them now… I’m not that bright. Oh hey I took them off, my whites are whiter and my brights are brighter… instead of washing clothes everyone should just take off their sunglasses. Or something.

When my Palm syncs it plays these two tones that are straight out of Hot Hot Heat’s Invent Words, which means I have to listen to that song… so now I wind up listening to that song every damn day. Its like I’ve got ICP sometimes, no wait, I meant OCD. Hey whatever, they both rock.

Oh yeah: Stephanie is now my girlfriend. I uhh *cough* her. Get near her and die, bitchasses.

This is Anna. I find her strangely attractive.

Hotornot Roundup:

Male or Female?


Anyone know if the Staypuffed* Marshmellow Man is single?

Spawn of Carrot Top

Someone Smells Potroast!

Uhm, she wants to meet me.

Finally found a girlfriend for Brandon Almony

Ok, for the link of the day check Kate’s comment on my last post… its worth it. Oh, and she changed her screenname, CRAZINESS!

So anyhow today err yesterday, whatever, I started work at GameStop. It was alright, I only screwed up a couple times and nothing major, so that was cool. There is this pretty girl named Bonnie who works there and her mom is a Nintendo Rep. and she gave me a chewy Nintendo mint, so that was like a day-making event. If any of my fans would like an autograph, I’ll be at the GameStop in the Town Mall of Westminster on Saturday between the hours of 10am and 2pm signing FOR FREE.

Uhhm, I got my credit card paid off, except for Travis tickets (and I’m about to buy like a 256MB MMC card for the Zire71 so I can watch video and listen to MP3s with it). Concert on October 25th, so now all I gotta do is keep Stephanie happy for a while, and after I see Travis be all unnice to her, Mwahah. Thats my plan, I just uhh needed someone to use as an excuse to buy tickets for and go to the concert with who would be cute/happy and like me, yeah, thats my story. Yaknow, to make the band jealous.

Buzard apparently lost his last shred of integrity and is doing drugs now, which he seems proud of. So yeah, way to be Mike, its not some cool shit to post on websites and be proud of… but hey, as many blunts as I’ve smoked who am I to talk? Just some fuckhead looking out for a friend. Update your website ya damn pothead! Oh, and send me Natasha’s SN wouldya? Thanks dawg, just don’t tell Steph… oh, wait…

Other News:

One of Emory’s Double-Matches actually a porn star!

One of Emory’s Double-Matches actually female Chucky!

Palm Zire71 will control any IR device, meaning TVs/Stereos/Air Conditioners/VCRs/DVD Players/etc…

I’m in desperate need of a haircut.

Move out of your seat, get a fine girl and catch this beat. – +5 points if you ID this song.

What I’m listening to: Saint Dragon – Nintendo

My Mood: LJ is Gay, this is fuckhead, uhm, Bizored. (insert bouncy guy with shit-eating grin)

*If its Staypuft let me know.

Its the Spokeswoman for Pudding that cures Conjuctivitis!


I eeeaaattt peeeoooppleeee!!!

Its like evil. with lard. so like, Lardevil. Beware the Lardevil!

American Ugly

Whats fat and more fat and should be shot with a shotgun?!?

With an exclamation point… like shes proud or something.

At work but uhh the boss isn’t so I’m taking this time to wish myself a happy birthday. Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, I hope you fucking get hit in the head with a shovel, happy birthday to me. Wait, that shovel thing wasn’t very nice, sorry world, but I’m wet and feverish and (supposedly) working.

Yeah, so, where is Emory? At the moment he is upstairs with a temperature of like 100+, WOO. And no, it isn’t from arguably fun club drugs, it is *dun dun dun* TEH VIRUS. So I’ve missed like 3 days of work because I’m fucking dizzy, but in good news, I got the job at GameStop (just gotta be there/well at 1PM on Friday). My birthday is tommorow, so I guess I’ll work if I feel up to it and otherwise stumble around unwrapping. Presents. Not going to Delaware, because Steph is sick too, poor thing =(

You can click on this, or you can not click on this. I think you’ll make the right decision

Panda Bus, Panda Bus, Kate Rides In A, Panda Bus, Ooooh Yeeeah

Link of the Day – How to Prepare for the Robot Invasion!