Archive for September 4, 2003

At work but uhh the boss isn’t so I’m taking this time to wish myself a happy birthday. Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, I hope you fucking get hit in the head with a shovel, happy birthday to me. Wait, that shovel thing wasn’t very nice, sorry world, but I’m wet and feverish and (supposedly) working.

Yeah, so, where is Emory? At the moment he is upstairs with a temperature of like 100+, WOO. And no, it isn’t from arguably fun club drugs, it is *dun dun dun* TEH VIRUS. So I’ve missed like 3 days of work because I’m fucking dizzy, but in good news, I got the job at GameStop (just gotta be there/well at 1PM on Friday). My birthday is tommorow, so I guess I’ll work if I feel up to it and otherwise stumble around unwrapping. Presents. Not going to Delaware, because Steph is sick too, poor thing =(