Hotornot Roundup:

Male or Female?


Anyone know if the Staypuffed* Marshmellow Man is single?

Spawn of Carrot Top

Someone Smells Potroast!

Uhm, she wants to meet me.

Finally found a girlfriend for Brandon Almony

Ok, for the link of the day check Kate’s comment on my last post… its worth it. Oh, and she changed her screenname, CRAZINESS!

So anyhow today err yesterday, whatever, I started work at GameStop. It was alright, I only screwed up a couple times and nothing major, so that was cool. There is this pretty girl named Bonnie who works there and her mom is a Nintendo Rep. and she gave me a chewy Nintendo mint, so that was like a day-making event. If any of my fans would like an autograph, I’ll be at the GameStop in the Town Mall of Westminster on Saturday between the hours of 10am and 2pm signing FOR FREE.

Uhhm, I got my credit card paid off, except for Travis tickets (and I’m about to buy like a 256MB MMC card for the Zire71 so I can watch video and listen to MP3s with it). Concert on October 25th, so now all I gotta do is keep Stephanie happy for a while, and after I see Travis be all unnice to her, Mwahah. Thats my plan, I just uhh needed someone to use as an excuse to buy tickets for and go to the concert with who would be cute/happy and like me, yeah, thats my story. Yaknow, to make the band jealous.

Buzard apparently lost his last shred of integrity and is doing drugs now, which he seems proud of. So yeah, way to be Mike, its not some cool shit to post on websites and be proud of… but hey, as many blunts as I’ve smoked who am I to talk? Just some fuckhead looking out for a friend. Update your website ya damn pothead! Oh, and send me Natasha’s SN wouldya? Thanks dawg, just don’t tell Steph… oh, wait…

Other News:

One of Emory’s Double-Matches actually a porn star!

One of Emory’s Double-Matches actually female Chucky!

Palm Zire71 will control any IR device, meaning TVs/Stereos/Air Conditioners/VCRs/DVD Players/etc…

I’m in desperate need of a haircut.

Move out of your seat, get a fine girl and catch this beat. – +5 points if you ID this song.

What I’m listening to: Saint Dragon – Nintendo

My Mood: LJ is Gay, this is fuckhead, uhm, Bizored. (insert bouncy guy with shit-eating grin)

*If its Staypuft let me know.