She is a big music fan. Or was that donut fan?!? Where do I come up with them?!?

Anyhow, today work was pretty great. Grayson let me have these sunglasses from P.N. 03… so uhm, everything is yellow… because I’m wearing them now… I’m not that bright. Oh hey I took them off, my whites are whiter and my brights are brighter… instead of washing clothes everyone should just take off their sunglasses. Or something.

When my Palm syncs it plays these two tones that are straight out of Hot Hot Heat’s Invent Words, which means I have to listen to that song… so now I wind up listening to that song every damn day. Its like I’ve got ICP sometimes, no wait, I meant OCD. Hey whatever, they both rock.

Oh yeah: Stephanie is now my girlfriend. I uhh *cough* her. Get near her and die, bitchasses.

This is Anna. I find her strangely attractive.