All of the following girls wanted to meet me via, hence they chose to subject themselves to the WRATH OF EMORY(tm).

The camera or her face, which to break first?

Somebody needs to cut (back on) the Cheese


Her arm is larger than my thigh.

She scares boys. And they like it.

I can’t recall if I’ve made fun of this beast yet

Like a mini-Garaffalo

*cough* High *cough*


She remind anyone else of a hairless cat?

She looks like a car wreck. No seriously. The shirt.

Remember the Gremlin chick from Gremlins 2?

She likes peanut butter. Evil peanut butter.

Infected or what?

Being slapped in the face != Weightloss

Jess from Frostburg’s Doppleganger.

The 90s called, they want their HoHos back

An ugly girl

Like old-Stephanie, but 25% as goodlooking!

Lets hope it doesn’t breed

Theres one less squirrel in the world


Christina Aguilara!

As I type this Fight Club is playing at around 100+ FPS on my Zire 71. How you ask? Well, the card reader came in the mail today, so the 400+ meg file my computer generated overnight transferred in around 5 minutes… Rock.

I’ve tried to call Steph like twice tonight and once last night… I dunno, this shit is pissing me off. Like the phone is either busy or off tonight, and for some reason I go and assume its busy. And then I figure she is talking to her ex-bf Nate… instead of me… so I get pissed off and ready to breakup over whats probably just her talkin to Tash or Megan or just busy at work with her phone off. Bleh, I gotta learn to trust people one of these days, people besides Mr. T and Bill Nye (I pity the fool who don’t think science is cool).

I flirted my way into two free movie tickets tonight and some drunk girl informed me that I was sexy and tried to give me her number, I ❤ the mall.