Today at work Larry got Quizno’s… my chicken sub kicked ass, go Larry. And I got the 512mb card for my Zire71… I’ve got Fight Club converting into a PDB as we speak, and I’m in the process of transferring over my Eminem LPs. Tommorow I’ll be GameStopping it between the hours of 11 to 2, and then I’m doing a little home improvement to the tune of eight an hour… woo. What else you ask? This else I say! So I went to get gas on the way home and the gas pump was all “See Attendant” and the attendant was all “Your card is no good!” and the Sears people were all “Your bank fucked up the routing number” and now I’m all “Gotta yell at the bank tommorow, bastards.”… but Sears isn’t giving me any kind of fee, and the bank better not give me any shit because I just deposited 1200 in my account (a grand of which was in hundred dollar bills) so I know my standing with them is gravy. Steph wants to be a sorority girl so bad, bleh… I’m not sure why, but I’ve got a bad feeling about that. These MP3s are taking forever to transfer, my dedicated card reader had better get here soon. If anyone wants to buy me the full version of Warfare Incorporated, feel free, that game rocks… and I still haven’t played Final Fantasy Tactics Advance =(

Link of the Day: Things will be okay Mr. Monkey