During winds in excess of 50mpg, just hide in her rolls

Baby T’s stroller is hella fast

Please feed her… please?

Zombies need love too!

she = large

Today was uhm… Wednesday all right… Mmmhmm yep. Wound up not working, Mwahahaha damnit (I need $$)… tommorow is a big day, heh, I work at both jobs AND a hurricane is coming! Oh, and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is still disappointing me… clan EmoryM doesn’t do anything important, I’m rescuing professors and picking daiseys for Christs’ sake. If I wanted to pick daiseys I wouldn’t be on the couch, I’d be outside gathering some actual flowers, which I’d give to… well… somebody. Definately not a moogle tho, since the moogles in FFTA look like a five year old trying to draw a rabbit, and failing. Miserably. And then vomiting on the paper, because as he was drawing he was eating crayons. Little bastard. And then there are also lizardmen (who look like ass) and these other guys who look sorta like Eore if he was on two legs and smirking. Even the commercials for this game are gay, way to suck at advertising NOA… why don’t you just have a guy in a suit? I mean, it worked for Mario Sunshine… no wait, that sucked too. But on a positive note…

fuck it, I’m sad.