I’m really tired. Today at work I got Viewtiful Joe bobble heads, 2 T-shirts, a new mousepad, some figurines for some crazy game, a comic book having to do with an upcoming game, this supercool little MegaMan clock uhh a poster and yeah. After work Mike, Bill and I went over to Eric’s house… played some Soul Calibur 2, ate some pizza, good times… it’d be better if I had some energy, yaknow, any energy… anything whatsoever people, lol, I’m about a day away from becoming my old caffeine-junkie ‘I don’t sleep and I like it that way’ self.

Game wise…

Disgaiaiaiaiia (however the fuck you spell it, RPG/Strat for PS2) = Good

MegaMan Battle Transmission = Amazingly Hard

Screenname of the day: amangle1

Thats Andy Mangle, he was in my Poly Sci. class and on my side for a debate.. it was me him and Brandon, right, so we all wore jeans, a white T-shirt and a leather jacket… we matched, it was great. Oh, and we totally fucking tore up the other team what with Andy being a genius, Brandon being factual and me getting up there talkin about the pants of politics, the bare asses of anarchy and a president that ate kittens. He also got me started going “Hey chief”.