Does anyone find it a little silly that car companies in Japan are treating robots that bear some semblance to people like the greatest thing since bread slicing machines? I find it fucking rediculous. You want to build a humanlike robot? You want a frame that has it all… superior design, working joints, durability? Hello, this way to the graveyard… seriously, I propose Necrobotics, the usage of corpses as robotic platforms. Take one skeleton, add a shitload of motors to replace muscles, cram some computing hardware in the skull/ribcage/pelvis and wa-fuckin-laa (or viofuckingla if you want to be uppity about it).

Course, why even bother with adding motors? Last time I checked muscles continued to react to electrical stimulation several hours after death… just put our men and women at arms in suits which would ‘take care’ of them in the event of death, there is no good reason they couldn’t continue to serve for several hours just because their brain stop receiving oxygen…

On second thought, why even wait for death? There are bazillions of useless people out there in mental institutions and hospital beds who could simply be seperated from higher brain function for a couple days while a combination of artificial intelligence and well timed shocks to their muscles provided our much deserving society with a few unpaid manhours.

Necrobotics, the wave of the future. EmoryM, a fucking lunatic. Bacon Cheeseburgers, paradise on a bun.