Archive for November 24, 2003


So I get up at 9am, get ready, get gas, drive to work… and guess fucking what? Grayson had apparently changed my schedule WITHOUT FUCKING TELLING ME. Sure, he called up and talked to Mom, but it isn’t like he made sure anything was alright with me before he switched me up with some fucking seasonal guy I don’t even know. That fucker gave me ‘strike one’ because I did a no call/no show, telling me after two I get written up and after three fired… like two weeks ago… of course, he operates on a different level as I am completely powerless to give him any shit for such incompetence and failure to effectively communicate with employees. Which last time I checked, was his job. Strike one. Oh, and I checked out Fire Warrior, heres hoping it isn’t suckage.

Need for Speed Underground is ‘yo boy’-o-riffic, and by that I mean I had to disable like 5 ‘EA TRAX’ before I could play without ‘EA SHOOTING SOMEONE’, since nothing makes M Extra want to bust out his gat and get dangerous up in here quite like Mystikal. Uhm, anyway, no idea what I’m getting tommorow.. thinking either a shooter (Warhammer 40K) or action game (Zone of the Enders 2). With great power comes great responsibility.