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There is something in my nose. First I go


Then I go


Because it hurts.


Fucking flu.

Fight Club, the game. Mixed feelings on this one… on the one hand I would’ve much-preferred an open source 2D side-scrolling beat-em-up rank with Tyler Durdenisms distributed freely for Linux, as such would embody the philosophy of Tyler Durden (there would be no cost, no profit, only animated violence delivered to anyone willing to play it). As-is basing a game off a movie (off a book) in which the messages are essentially fuck materialism, fuck the man, get out there and do something real… doesn’t seem to add up.

On the other hand; A Fight Club videogame?!? Holy fucking shiznit, lets hope they do a gooood job. Since I’ll undoubtedly get a copy.


So anyway Candace and I are on a break as of what, two days ago? She says she has the chicken pox so uhh here is a picture of some pink splotches somewhere on her body. (Since thats pretty damn hard to swallow)

Ray will mod my XBox free.

Do daa do daa.

Alone on Christmas I will be…

Do daa do daa daaay.

I just figured out (at great risk to myself) which type of DVD drive is in my XBox. It is, in fact, a *dun dun dun* Samsung. Why is this a good thing you ask? How dare you interrupt me with your trivial questions interloper! But as I am both a wise and tolerant being I shall answer your inquiry in due time. Or now. BECAUSE SAMSUNG DVD DRIVES READ CDRS LIKE A FAT WOMAN EATS BISCUITS!!!1 Seriously, most XBoxes studder at the mere sight of a CDR burned especially for them, well folks, as we speak I’m ripping tunes off a Fujifilm CDR burnt two years ago when I still considered the XBox nothing more than the most fun part of a woman’s body. Can we say compatamatablility?!? Fuck no, thats too long a word. Anyhow, my XBox is wanting to be modded and I am wanting to give in.

Did a little X-mas shopping today, received some much needed financial aid from dad (so me and my girl can have some FUN next week)… Happy Hanukkah!

So I was going to work today but Grayson called at 11 and he was all “work more” and I was all “can’t now, I’ll call you later” and then I called later and Eric was all “You sick?” and I was all “Yeah” and he was like “we’ve got plenty of people here” and thinking that meant somebody was covering for me I was all “Oh, ok” and didn’t go to work and then later I showed up and they were all “Hey! You’re not sick!” and I was all “Yeah, I was feeling better but I thought somebody was already covering for me” and Bonnie was all “Raargh!” and Mike was all “Ricky ticky tockey bring a collared shirt tut tut” and I got Shadow Hearts and Fatal Frame II and came home and it was like “Brrr”. I should’ve worked.

Instead of seeing Lord of the Rings: Return of the King I spent today sleeping, because I’m akinda sick. So yeah, that sorta means nothing interesting happened, dunno why I’m still typing. The PS2 game Culdcept is fairly enjoyable except for my whole problem with sucking at it. Candace is coming to stay with me, she’s gonna be here for Christmas, scary eh? I’ll be like… here… and she will be too… gotta buy her bus ticket tommorow along with Christmas presents for everyone I haven’t bought Christmas presents for (so in other words, everyone but mom). OH! and I’ve got to pay car insurance and my student loan…

I don’t know whats better, being screwed or knowing you will be soon =D

So for Christmas this year Microsoft gave me Project Gotham Racing 2 and Top Spin (tennis)… suffice it to say much like my parents they succeeded in buying me off. I wouldn’t call it true ‘Nintendo’ type love, but nonetheless enough of an infatuation that if my XBox was feeling frisky I’d hop on that like a hobo on a ham sandwich… not sure where I was going with this.

Once I had this cat I called Mr. Stinkystiff.

Because he’d been dead for 36 hours.

Today it snowed.

Yesterday I got Tekken Tag Tournament but I haven’t ‘obtained’ it yet, heh heh heh *wink wink*. Worked like 12.5 hours today so Emory = tired. For anyone who expressed interest in seeing my Hotornot picture at work the link is here… and that basically means Bonnie, since yaknow, everyone else was too lazy to write down their own email addresses. I missed the one yearly showing of Its a Wonderful Life, damn those dirty fuckheads over at NBC for buying up the television rights and only showing it once per year.

Today I got Kill Switch… not on the list, I know, but I figured I can get Kingdom Hearts, .hack 3, Wild Arms 3 and Shadow Hearts from Mike, which leaves me a little leeway. I wanted to pick up Fatal Frame II for Candace but we sold out, or Culdcept for myself but we haven’t gotten it in stock yet. So basically SSX3, Tekken Tag Tournament, Tony Hawk 4 and Dynasty Warriors 4 are the games I still ‘need’ to get, while Fatal Frame II, Culdcept and whatever else happens to catch my eye are like bonuses. Once I’ve got my PS2 collection complete it’ll be time to move on to XBox… already Halo, Knights of the Old Republic, Crimson Skies and Deus Ex 2 are needing to be mine. Calling the girlfriend in somewhere between 10 and 20 minutes, heres hoping she won’t still be talking to whoever she was at 1, but in all likelihood she will be and I’ll just go to sleep. If curiosity killed the cat, optimism killed the dog. Oh, and the Imperial Army killed the last of the Samurai, you bastards!

Woke up feeling like Senor Bag of Crap, went back to sleep. Today I got Zone of Enders the Second Runner, Goblin Commander and Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter. Everythings gravy again with the girlfriend, the crazy crazy girlfriend. Who I love. Fucking hell this basement is COLD… I could rub my chest against the counter over at Kay’s and use my nipples of Frost + 5 to make like the government and rob those fuckers blind. Or something. No copies of Culdcept came into our store, bitch bitch bitch. I still need to get:

.hack 3

Tekken Tag Tournament

Dynasty Warriors 4

Tony Hawk 4

Wild Arms 3

Shadow Hearts


Gonna go hump the hot water heater for life, liberty and the persuit of my nads not freezing.

I got really bored so I got my computer working (yay!)… now its off to buy more 2X DVD-Rs followed by copying Culdcept. Mom’s internet-whatever Rob was a jackass to me on the phone today, shocking eh?… Thanksgiving was ok, I ate turkey and pumpkin pie and slept. Things with the girlfriend are iffy, at the moment I feel single. Work is uhm workalicious. Its cold in the basement.

[note: edited for content]

My computer died. Uhh.