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Its 2AM, that means I’ll be working at the Wellness Center (oh yeah, I got a second job, go me) in 8 hours. Which means if I fell asleep right now, I’d get about 6.5 hours before I had to wake up. I get off at 2PM, at which time Justin and I are going to do something… fun hopefully, I dunno, probably eat and get into absolutely no trouble whatsoever. At 5PM I go into GameStop to sell videogames and videogame accessories until 9, when we’ll close the gate and I’ll get to do such enjoyable things as vacuum, arrange games alphabetically and take out the trash, joy. Following that, assuming the roads are driveable, I’ll come home straight away to try out Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance II for PS2, which assuming we haven’t sold out of, I’ll have borrowed from the store. Since I don’t work either job Friday, I’ll wind up staying awake until around 5am… probably weed out the double-match list over at hotornot, instant message Kelly, leave Candace a message or two (unless she is there, in which case I’ll unsuccessfully try to plan to make plans to see eachother) and play some Knights of the Old Republic until I’ve bored myself to sleep.

That fucking sucks.

Worked both jobs today, got out of the mall around 5:30… the roads were piss poor, but I managed to get home without crashing =D Luckily today I don’t have work, hence me being awake at 3:52am. Err, apparently the clock on my computer is wrong, but you get my drift. People were complaining about my lack of updates, so uhm…


Man, there are too many fat people.

I just crashed into a guard rail and mangled the driver’s side of my car…

Why don’t I care you ask?

Well, Dad was supposed to get me a truck a good long time ago. Actually, thats the reason why I never got new tires even tho the ones I have are lacking on the treadage. So in all actuality its probably a good thing, car being mangled = likelihood of getting something else increasing.

I’m not sure if I’m bored or boring but either way its Midnight on a Monday and I don’t really feel like doing anything I’m able to. Now I’m playing the ‘Go through my doublematch list and eliminate people’, it really is fun, what with all the ENORMOUS FREAKS… I mean, its better than listening to Mom who is currently upstairs on the phone yelling at her virtual boyfriend… oh yeah, here:

Not even if I was drunk

Aww, piggy got moody!

Fred Savage lookalike

Somebody ate Jeebus!


Reminds me of Pop Pop

And I think those are the only eliminations at the moment… fun stuff eh?

So Justin burned this CD for me that lets me play some PS2 backups which I was previously unable to (notably Ratchet & Clank 2, Suikoden 3 and Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance)… in order to get these to work however, I have to do the following:

Step 1: Put in the Swap Magic CD

Step 2: Slide Card

Step 3: Insert the Swap Magic Fix CD

Step 4: Insert the Swap Magic DVD

Step 5: Slide Card

Step 6: Insert the game DVD

Still, we’re talking about… oh… upwards of $100 worth of games I essentially got working today. Not bad eh?

So I was wading through the adds over at IGN, lo and behold what do I see? Wowzers, its an advertisement from MickyD’s directed at me, a gamer! And after all, there’s nothing cooler than the original Legend of Zelda, right? And after all, when my weapons consist of a sword, shield, philly cheesesteak or… hey, whats that? A GIANT SPERM.

Honestly, WHAT THE FUCK? If McDonalds wants to plaster their corporate logo all over the internet in ads featuring a videogame, I don’t see why they need to make it a Nintendo game from twenty years ago. And then go that extra step of PROMINENTLY INCLUDING A LARGE WHITE SPERM. Has everyone fucking gone braindead? I mean seriously, if they want to combine games with semen why not have those two kids from that McDonalds’ branded NES game (you know, the one where you could run off edges and reverse gravity) 69ing eachother for a cheeseburger. At least you’d be guaranteed to pique Michael Jackson’s interest, assuming he can open that plastic mouth of his wide enough to shove down some mad-cow infested reconstituted cow parts.

You may have wooed me once McDonalds, but the only Happy Meals I’ve been eating are the subs from Subway, because their special ingredient is love. And the 10% mall employee discount doesn’t hurt either.

This is un-fucking-acceptable.

Today sucked. Not badly enough to get all dramatic about, but apparently enough that it deserves mention. On the other hand, forgetting about the crapshit for just a moment, Bonnie’s mom is going to bring me a COLLARED Nintendo shirt. That means I can wear it to work, aww yeah, you know you’re all hella-jealous. And I get to play Champions of Norrath for PS2… which doesn’t come out until, oh, lets say FEBRUARY!!!1 Yes yes, I am the kingshit. If Brea reads this she should call me, I miss her. My cell is 443-789-1274… I’m sharing something like 350 minutes BUT the bill comes to Dad’s girlfriend, so everyone feel free to call me and talk for however long you please, I hate that bitch.

Coming Soon: Me, hopefully, gotta get a new GF =D

H-hey look, you can see which girls want to meet me via the internetnet et wot… cool, no?

Oh, and anybody know why white kids in the mall yell G-Unit! at one another? I suspect chromosomal damage.

Its cold, so frikkin cold. Like, brr. I’d write more, but I think the comments on the previous post are fairly interesting. (Although why either bothers writing comments instead of calling me is fairly mysterious) So yeah, read those, not this. Arc the Lad is an excellent game. Some hobo out at the gas station was like “Dude, you going to Westminster” and I was all “No, I just came from there” and he went “…want to go back?”…

Suprisingly, I opted not to.

I really shouldn’t be the sort of person to delight in the misfortunes of others… except for the fact that I really REALLY do. A few weeks ago Billy Something-or-other who I went to Highschool with (who always struck me as an asshole) came into the store… his eye is sort of, uhm… yaknow in action movies, that old guy? The one who was attacked by the bear, or pirates… sometimes its like an arch-villian who was involved in a quibble with the Dashing Hero!(tm)… anyhow Billy has one of those “somebody stabbed my fucking face” eyes with the accompanying scar. And his lackey, who I will refer to as that guy I hazily remember being an asshole from highschool #7, was going bald. “Kharma” was what I believe Bonnie said, ah yes… As in Knife Harm A… as in Knife Harm a Jerk From Highschool. Which it did.

And then I stopped feeling quite so good, as its only by the grace of Jack Daniels that in my many squabbles I’ve kept everything intact. Except for some skin that rubbed off on the street in Plano, but h-hey, at least I got some scars in exchange. And a healthy medical bill. I’d like to thank Geebus and my leather jacket.

But then, then I read the old Stephanie’s webjournal… and aside from having someone kissing ass via comments (a job which must be in the paper considering how often its filled), she seems as shitty as usual. And an ‘octo-vegan’, which is Australian for hungry. And then Kelly, well, she is apparently all into some boy who won’t do her on a swingset, or something. Oh, and as far as Stephanie #2 goes I apparently don’t care about her enough to be curious… here’s hoping she got a decent boyfriend and cheated on him like the skanky little ‘take it up the ass’ trooper I grew to know and love. Or not.

*Gollum Gollum*

I think this basement air is getting to us.


Happy New Year!

Had to dump Candace for lying to me… that was the newspaper that broke the hobo’s back. The hobo having already suffered chicken pox related lack of Emory getting laid for 3 months trauma. She didn’t cheat, just borrowed a couple hundred bucks from some dude who’s in love with her. Who she supposedly was done talking to… If she’s willing to give me slavelike obedience, daily head and come stay for like a week… yeah, I don’t think we’ll be getting back together.

So anyhow, I’ve been single for like… all but 3 hours of 2004! (Thats almost an entire year, I think I qualify for priesthood… or at least being under suspicion for molesting little boys)

Speaking of which, uhh, goodnight.