Its getting close to Valentine’s Day, and once again, I’ve found myself single and without a significant other. I think my timing just really sucks. No wait, girls suck, my timing is IM-FUCKING-PECKABLE (yep, you can peck it). Anyhow, this convo I had with B-randon summarizes the day:

whitelyrics: I can describe myself in two words “Racially Challenged”

KodaDragon: Nigga please.

whitelyrics: haha ive been talking to people on this list

KodaDragon: You so white if you fell in the snow and uhm… there was a black guy there… he’d shoot you. Goddamn black people are scary.

whitelyrics: hahaha

KodaDragon: I haven’t yet decided whether Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles is good.

whitelyrics: thats usually not a good thing

KodaDragon: Eh, rarely do I make snap judgements… about games… about everything else, sure, but not about games.

whitelyrics: hahahaha well your passion is your passion

KodaDragon: Its supposedly geared around the multiplayer, and as I’ve yet to play multiplayer, I am undecided.

whitelyrics: i just took a test to figure out what religion i should be

KodaDragon: And?

whitelyrics: Neo Pagan 100% Unitarian Universalism 95% Secular Humanism 88% Liberal Quaker 87% Mahayana Buddism 83%

KodaDragon: LOL

KodaDragon: Neo Pagan 100%?

whitelyrics: yeah i read about it when i saw that and the only reason is because they really dont have any unified religion

KodaDragon: So I can proclaim myself the High Ishtar of Finksburg and clothe myself in deli meat… and thats ok?

whitelyrics: pretty much

KodaDragon: Haha! If I can eliminate those damn dogs from the equation, my wardrobe will be spectacular!

whitelyrics: hahahaha you and your deli meat..

KodaDragon: I had something stuck in my teeth, and upon retrieving it, was disgusted at how dirty the finger I just stuck into my mouth was.

whitelyrics: hahah ewwwww

KodaDragon: I had these two old ladies come into the store today…

KodaDragon: One’s breathe smelled as if she’d eaten the crap of a cat who dined solely on cinnamon.

KodaDragon: The other, a state employee (she helps the jobless and felt the need to give me a card) came in to get something to help her memory…

KodaDragon: Unforunately, she forgot what it was she’d come in for.

whitelyrics: hahaha…