Today was pretty interesting… tonight at work I hear this dude yell “Don’t call my wife a bitch!” or something, and turn around to witness *shocker* this 50+ year old man pushing around a 14 year old girl. He like grabbed her by the throat and threw her down going “Don’t you dare”… she tried to stand up, and twice he pushed her back down. I wanted to do something but it was all over in about 10 seconds (eventually he stormed off and she ran after him going “Who the fuck are you?”). Anyhow, flash forward about 30 minutes, and I’m being questioned by police officers about what I saw, whether or not he strangled her (which he did… sorta…) and find out that now, because I witnessed the crap, I’m probably going to testify at some trial in the future (the cops wanted all my vital stats). After work Justin had expressed interest in going to Pizza Hut, so we changed that to Denny’s. I invited Eric, Eric invited this really tall dude who used to work at GameStop (forget his name) and uhm anyhow, uhh, it was nice. Then we went back to Eric’s and played Champions of Norrath. Tommorow Mike is having some party starting at 5ish, which just so happens to be when I get off work. FUCK YEAH.