Danger: Picture-based Update

Thats Tichondrius, I got him at work for 80 cents. He is my demon lord and I must obey him.

Thats Sarah Shade, she used to work at GameStop and came back during Christmas to help out. Her Dad just died ­čśŽ

Thats my less-photographed cousin, Damon.

Dr. Science in the hizzouse.

3 hours 0 customers makes Emory go crazy.


I need a haircut.

Thats my NGage, its like handheld gaming… for people without hands.

Ok, so I go into work today and after Alex left I notice this pie plate. What I first thought were possibly Tacos turned out to be used ear candles. The colored parts are crap that got sucked outta peoples’ ears. Thats so fucking sick.

Thats Malcolm, he was seasonal help at GameStop. He was also black. I haven’t seen him in a while.

My Dad is the best drivest evar.

There is a switch on the ceiling in the Wellness Center. I cannot figure out why. Perhaps it controls the very fabric of the reality in which we live, I shall never know. I mean, we’ve got a ladder, but that spells effort.

Justin looks like he just ate crap.

Thats Bonnie… she’s my favorite Nintendo product.

This is actually a screenshot from my upcoming title GameStop Colloseum. Here we see a level 5 Bonnie using her KarateChop against a level 6 Mike, who defends with the BlurStance TM.

Now when I say ‘Erik and I got wasted and slept with a couple of Saigon whores!’ you’ll know who I’m talking about.

This is Dustin… he assembled the Millenium Puzzle today and couldn’t take the strain of Yami on his mind, thus winding up in the psyche ward til next week. At least, thats what Grayson told me.

Grayson shies away from the camera. Like a woman.

Grayson’s Tattoo is Death from Sandman… fucking awesome.

Bill loves Jesus. Jesus loves Tacos.