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Send me money… wooo, WOOOO, you’re HYPNOTIZED. SpiderMan 2 is more fun than swinging through New York City occassionally watching cruddy in-engine cinematics and getting tips from Bruce Campbell (of Bubba Hotep fame). No wait, actually it is that fun. Man I got this Calc final on Thursday which means I need to study tommorow but they got me going to work an hour earlier so I’ve gotta be there at 3 instead of 4 and its 2am right now, I’ve gotta wake up at 8, which means I’ve got 3.5 hours of Calculus and 6 hours of GameStop, so like, 9.5 hours of stuff to do tommorow, on like 5 hours of sleep. Then after work I’ve gotta study for the Calc final, so it’ll be a tradeoff between how much studying I get done and how much sleep I get for the final. And all this shit isn’t leaving me any time to do anything fun, like uhh, yaknow, fun. With the clowns… strike that, evil clowns, it isn’t like they ever had to balance getting an education with selling videogames to these braindead whitetrash Westminster-ites. Oh, and I should make plans to see Amy again, so yeah… thats another 15 minutes of stuff I gotta do tommorow. ARGH.

Had another Calc test, argh. It was harder than the last two (which I got 91%s on)… so I’m hoping for a B. In other news I watched Bubba Ho-tep (Elvis and some black dude who thinks he’s JFK vs. a Mummy)… it was alright.

Christ I’m tired.

Amy came over… we watched Gothika, she left… she wouldn’t get real specific as to why (just said she wanted to go home). I didn’t do anything wrong, I don’t think. The other night she’d said she was afraid of a relationship, so maybe hangin out w/me is starting to freak her out. I hope not.

First the piece of notebook paper I was writing on disappeared.

Then the pencil I was using to write on it.

Apparently there is a localized dimensional vortex in the area which abhors math homework, and although I find the fact it’s selectively permeable to things pertaining to calculus intriguing, I can’t help but feel like I’m going insane. Johnny Depp “my name is Shooter” Secret Window level insane here people.

I’m one missing Calc book away from hair yankage.

Spent last night at Amy’s house… that was kinda weird. Her mom and her mom’s boyfriend wanted me to drink beer and play cards with them, which was nice and all, but I don’t get why they’d think I’d want to hang out with them when I was there to see Amy. Not to mention the girl wanted to go to sleep at like 11pm and I had to split at 10am (I got there at 8pm and woke up around 9:30)… so yeah, she’s coming over tommorow night and I’m pretty confident we’ll have a lot more fun. She’s pretty.

Way way back in the 1980s secret government employees dug up famous guys and ladies and made amusing giant copies. I bought Front Mission 4, that game is timeowastealicious, I spent an hour and fourteen minutes beating a boss battle tonight… then we played two levels in Four Swords. Which I won. Handily.

Things’ve been pretty decent lately, on Calc1 quizes I’ve gotten a 10/10, 8/10 and (I think) another 10/10. On the first test I got a 91%, and having taken the second test today I think at the very least my grade was passafactory.

Friday I took out this Amy girl, she is one tasty piece of bitch. I should date the crap out of her.

If anyone reads this, comment.

Everything is good, except I can’t figure out how to network my XBox through my PC…

I -want- to have things setup like so:

Cable Modem


Router->(wireless)My Computer->(ethernet card)XBox


Erik’s Computer

However, knowing nothing about networking beyond that I’ve setup a network, ARGH.

My wirelessness is working =D

I’m predicting I’ll have trouble with the network over at Erik’s. While I have little doubt I’ll get the router working, my room will be on the second floor… my router, in the basement. The stated indoor range is something like 324 feet, so accounting for walls and such we’ll halve that, down to 162. My computer is going to be something like 35 feet from the router, so hopefully I’ll be fine.

If range issues do arise I can always invest in two powerline ethernet adapters, one for the router and another for my PC, which hopefully wouldn’t run me too much extra.

Harry Potter: The Prisoner of Assrapeistan was pretty good, except nothing much happened. Herminy was looking jail-bait as ever for 2.5 hours, but beyond that, the bad guy’s lackie ‘escaped’… there was no crucial battle (as in the previous two Potter films), and the last 30 minutes of the movie, while necessary, didn’t do much for me.

On a side note, when I was 13 if any teacher named Lupin whore wore a child molesting sweater vest offered me chocolate constantly and told me I had my mother’s eyes, I’d kick him in the nuts and go straight for the police. Fin.

Going through all the shit from the storage side of the basement is taking FOREVER. It does have benefits though, since I located all my Magic The Gathering cards (I used to buy them in highschool, didn’t play much, but wooh boy did I buy some cards.) Also I write a shitload, I’m going to wind up with a giant plastic container full of:

1) The same game, redesigned over and over. An RPG featuring such ‘novel’ things as Strength determining damage!!! And an evil empire, woo.

2) Doodles of that scary face I doodle on everything. You might recognize it from such places as a) Erik’s birthday card or b) any notes I took in highschool.

3) Notebook after notebook filled with 1, 2 and crazy ramblings about world domination.

I guess I should’ve read through what I’d already written every few years, maybe I wouldn’t have wound up with so many duplicate doodles.

First day of Summer Calc I over at Carroll… class was pretty easy, I wound up helping a couple people with calculating limits. The homework however, argh. In the two years or so since I had pre-calc I conveniently forgot such simple things as factoring and the formula for distance between points. The formula I remembered, the factoring I sorta looked at sideways while eating a Milk ‘n Cereal Bar.

4 days a week. 3.5 hours a day. I cannot afford to get behind.