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So the plan was to wake up an hour early today and finish my Calc2 takehome quiz… would’ve gone a lot better had I actually been able to sleep. Got a great idea at work yesterday, combine a TV tuner card with optical character recognition software. Feed the resultant text to something like babelfish, then (possibly) overlay the translation back over the image. Result? Real-time text translation. Purpose? Play Japanese games in Engrish.

This is one of them things I’d try to patent if I had the money to patent things, unforunately I do not, but honestly it’d just be cool as hell if the thing came into being since I could be playing all them crazy Japanese games that’ll never get released stateside, like Kami’s Cosmic Dog Catcher Flareup or Drunken Irish Bearding 2: Chunnel Chunnel Anger.

So once again I studied too long and slept through Monday’s class, argh. Testing center closes at 9pm, which means I’ve gotta head over and start taking the exam by 7. Considering its like…. 1:30 right now… that gives me a buncha hours. At some point, if the nausea I’m feeling passes, I’ll go get some lunch/dinner with Mom somewhere, yay.

And it continues…

I am Emory’s abundance of free-time

Alright, real quick while my clothes dry….

Yesterday I worked from 10-6, came home, played Amped2. Mike called, apparently register 2 was $50 under. Luckily I’m 110% sure I didn’t hand anybody a $50 as part of their change, which apparently greatly decreases the chances that it was I who screwed up.

Came home, ate dinner, went to sleep at 7. Woke up at about 11:30, ate something else, watched some TV (including Quantum Leap at 2), went over to Dad’s at about 3:30.

Woke Dad’s half-drunk ass up by ringing the doorbell repeatedly, helped him make his bed and get his shit ready, took him to the airport. Came home. On the way back Candace called… at like 6 in the morning. It was really good talking to her again, but she lucked out on the whole me not being asleep thing.

So I then slept from like 7 to whenever Amy called, I think it was like 11:30… got up, ate something, went back to sleep until 4:30. Put some clothes in the washing machine, preppy ones (I think), took a shower, played more Amped2, responded to Amy’s text message and uhm yeah… now I’m just waiting for my clothes to dry and I’m off to Brandywine MD.

Tommorow I get to study for an open-book open-note Calc2 test on Monday. I have the feeling the fact we’re allowed to use so much stuff means the test is going to be uber-fucking-hard. Yay.

Thanks Brandon 😉

Amy came over last night, we watched the Basketball Diaries, it was cool. She slept in one of my TV shirts and it looked cute on her. Uhm, I skipped Calc2 today, big suprise right? Yeeeah… I can’t do that anymore, class is important. I’m only updating my website because Joey told me to. Damn him. Uhh, I rock at Super Smash Brothers: Melee. Tommorow I’ve got class, then I might be driving my Dad to the airport, then I’ve got work. Thats too much crap.

This week sucked. Something tells me next week won’t be much better… I’m getting tired of all this damned Calculus, especially the Trig part. I’ve gotta head over to the bank, get my balance and pay all my bills tommorow… Amys coming over Tuesday, I think… things with her are going slooooow, but it’ll be ok I think. Well, I should be studying, test tommorow. Like every Monday.

I’ve been pretty busy lately what with GameStop and Calc2. Uhm, I

guess things with Amy are going alright, we’re dating now. I

think… The cute chick from the Frederick GameStop apparently wanted

my phone # at some point, Grayson waited about 3 days too long to tell

me… bastard. Its alright tho because this morning he would’ve punched

in on time but I kinda blocked him from getting to the register so he

was a minute late =D

Gotta sleep.

Cool people don’t get spontaneous nosebleeds. Is this some factual law within the universe, or might there be some genetic correlation between random ruptures of the nasal membrane and general societal ineptitude?

In honor of being off work, here is me… bitching about work =D

Situation #1:

I borrowed 50 First Dates from GameStop to watch with Amy, unfortunately I left it at her house and because of conflicting schedules (we both work and I’ve got school) wasn’t able to return it on time, and so bought it (without my discount). Same thing happened again (conflicting schedules) so after purchasing the movie I wasn’t able to return it until 2 weeks to the day after I bought it, as in 1 week after I should have. Erik let me return it. This, apparently, pissed some people off since they view it as preferential treatment… I’d invite them to consider the following:

a) I did not buy the movie to watch it.

b) I bought the movie knowing it was defective simply to adhere to checkout policy.

c) I didn’t use my employee discount because I at no point actually wanted to own the movie.

d) At the $6.30 per hour I’m paid the $15.75 represents roughly 3 hours of work.

e) Had I been a customer I most likely would’ve at least been able to get a refund in store credit. Especially if I was a regular customer and had already expressed my dissatisfaction and explained the situation within 7 days of purchase.

So yeah, if anybody wants to be a bitch they can give me Scott’s #.

Situation #2:

Games are missing, either misplaced or stolen. I’ve heard rumors Grayson is going to suspend checkout policy… not to mention if someone is actually stealing we may go impact (meaning, you guessed it, no checkout policy.) Barring checkout policy, I see no reason to remain employed at GameStop. So we’ll see what happens with that… it would really suck to quit, then whoever is stealing change their evil ways, and it appear as though no Emory = no missing games. Somebody needs to shape the fuck up or I will kick their ass. Except for Bonnie, but she wouldn’t steal.

Justin, you heart breaker 😉 Your ex-girlfriend’s away message is…

“to those of you who know me well enough to answer this question, please leave an answer.

What is it that I do that makes the one I love leave me?”

5 o’clock on a Sunday, I should really be doing my math homework right now… I think the odds of that happening are roughly, uhh, undefined division by zero? Arg. Amy may or may not be coming over tonight, I’m not real clear, but I made sure to shave and stuff. You gotta be classy for the ladies. I am the Super Smash Brothers: Melee kingshit… Erik is a close second, John a close third, Brandon Mason and Joey are duking it out for 4th (in my mind at least). I want to see Anchorman just so I can go “Scotch scotch scotch I love scotch scotch in my belly belly belly” or whatever it is he says in relation to scotch, his belly and their mutual affection. My Mp3 player has selected Billy Joel’s I’m Moving Out to serenade me with at the moment. Later.

Amy dyed her hair and now she reminds me of Fred.. from Angel…

What the fuck?

Happy 4th of July! Last night we went to some pool party and I’ve gotta say, nothing makes you more thankful for independence than waking up without a hangover. Hooray Beer… err, America.

I give Spider Man 2 two thumbs up… but I gotta say Peter Parker isn’t too good at the whole secret identity thing. Hell, I’m betting the guy takes his mask off when he sneezes. I had forgotten Sunday was the 4th of July, so now I’ve gotta make plans (or risk spending the fourth of July relaxing.) Yes, that is all.

On a side note: Hey Candace, get a new screenname or something because I got tired of having to log in as KodaMalvado to talk to you. I know you don’t think you’ve got me blocked, but I really think you do. Its 443.789.1274 if you ever wanna, say, talk instead of commenting on my website sporadically. And I’m pretty sure that last word meant occasionally, but it reminded me of fungus. Which is gross. Don’t be gross.