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Too sleepy.

Doing laundry.

Classes tommorow.

21 Saturday.

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Don’t you hate when its like 2:32am and you turn your speakers on to listen to WinAmp while updating your blog, and then BAM! turns out when you turned them off the volume was high as hell and you get scared you woke up Erik’s mom in the room next to yours? God knows I do.

Got Saturday off, yay. Course, that means Bonnie is working… hopefully she doesn’t mind too much… I might buy her something to make up for it. I was thinking a taco from Taco Bell or a GameStop brand lollypop.

Full Metal Alchemist freaking rocks. I was curious as to why after episode 40 I was having trouble finding them… turns out there are only 52 episodes in existance (currently), and over in Japan they only just showed episode 45 on TV. So I guess having the first 40 is an accomplishment. Well, technically I’ve only got 25 right now, but I’ve got 86.2% of the next 15 =D

Tuesday I went to the ESPN Zone with Amy, that was FUN… she tried really hard at the games we played. Her birthday is next Friday, and mine is the day after… she’s broke, so I don’t expect anything. I dunno what we’re doing, but it’ll probably cost me $$ =D Arg.

I need to get the schedule for next week… I know I work Friday… which is today? Fuck! lol. And Sunday… I’ve got class Tuesday and Thursday, and I’m off next Saturday (since I’m turning 21)… so I’m probably working Monday and Wednesday. I can’t see how I’m not. So it looks like I’m scheduled pretty tight next week. Erg.

Watched Fullmetal Alchemist today, bought some school supplies (four three-ring binders, 400 sheets of notebook paper, 10 pens, 10 mechanical pencils, six notebooks), watched more Fullmetal Alchemist.

I lack compassion. Honestly, I don’t think I have it… I’m not sure why, or what happened. But, apparently, something is supposed to make me feel bad for people, and most’ve the time I don’t. And faking it is fucking annoying. I can’t remember the last real person I felt bad for… I mean, I sold some 14 year old with a birthmark on his face Grand Theft Auto: Vice City the other day… but I didn’t really feel anything…

Take Dustin for instance. Do I feel bad for him? Nope. I’m only like “Urgh, I was scheduled to have Saturday off, I want Saturday damnit!” The kid has problems, but I can’t help him. I’ve tried to hang out with him, he doesn’t show up. Or call. I guess he doesn’t want to be my friend. So I say fuck it… the guy is in the hospital every other month and can’t handle 15 hours a week at the easiest job I’ve ever worked… Unfortunately management is ‘compassionate’ which, for me, spells ‘being inconvienced’… all because his parents are getting divorced? Shit, I already got inconvienced when my parents got divorced.

I’m not a horrible person, I don’t think.

Sunday was pretty tight, here’s the rundown:

Worked with Erik from noon to five, during which time nothing horrible happened. Then worked on inventory with Bonnie, Mike and Grayson for 2 hours. Since I was off the clock at seven, but they weren’t done, I played some XBox games on the demo unit for an hour (Tetris, DDR, Dead or Alive 3, Tony Hawk 4)… afterwards got a ride with Bonnie over to Pizza Hut where Grayson bought us two big newyorkers. Oh, and during work my grandparents stopped by to tell me goodbye as they were going home to Virginia. And the guy at the Italian place said he liked my hair =D

So Grayson rocks. And Bonnie drives like a crazy.. Bonnie. And Mike didn’t talk too much, but he’d been calling out numbers for the past 3 hours straight so I guess you can’t blame the guy. And Erik said he’ll buy a DVD-R drive and let me use it, but I’ve gotta teach him how to make with the burning of the DVDs. And install it. Neither of which should be too hard… hopefully.

Oh, and then I got home and hex edited a copy of the Microsoft Dash Rev. 4920 (I think) to look for it’s fonts in an alternate directory so I could upload and use it on a soft-modded X-Box. Which suprisingly worked. Perfectly.

Woke up today at like two, Amy said she was coming over.. which she didn’t… but I thought she was so I busted my ass straightening up my room. Grr. I also went to the bank to get cash since rent was due. I’ve really gotta open an account closer to where I live now, driving roughly 45 minutes everytime I want to deposit a check or make a withdrawal is a pain in my ass.

Work was ok, except at one point I mistook a $50 for a $20. Needless to say when the woman got her change she was pissed, heh.

Uhm… if Crash Bandicoot was a verb, you’d be a Crash Bandicooter.

Oh, and for any pirates out there who aren’t aware of bittorrent or… well, now you are.

Beat Dracula in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Spent like 4 hours with my grandparents. Kinda sleepy, mostly bored.

An X-Box S controller connected to the breakaway USB adapter connected to the X-Box USB Hub. POINTLESS!!!1 Posted by Hello

Check out those USB ports, thats the money shot. In the background? The X-Box. Posted by Hello

The X-Box hub.. connected to the X-Box. Aww yeah. Posted by Hello

X-Box controller… with a *dun dun dun* USB connection! Yay. Posted by Hello

Another, sexier view of my X-Box breakaway USB adapter… Posted by Hello

X-Box USB hub… I increased the amount of electrical tape twofold. For added stability! Posted by Hello

X-Box USB hub… at first. Posted by Hello

Homemade X-Box to USB adapter! Posted by Hello

K, so I woke up at like 1. Tried to register for Advanced Web Design over at Carroll to make me a full-time student (since if I am, I get medical insurance and draft protetcion), however apparently I don’t have some requirement. Registered for Intro to Web Design instead, figure tommorow I’ll go over there and try to force them to put me in the Advanced class… or I’ll settle for an easy A. Anyhow, at 2:30 GameStop told me to be in at 5. At 3 they left a message on my cell-phone telling me to be there at 4. At 3:30 I got the message, argh. My grandparents are visiting from VA, Joey Holland is going off to fight in Iraq and there is some BBQ tommorow in his honor. Don’t know whether I’m going to attend or not, since I’m uhh not sure whether he found out I kinda spread a rumor around that he was dead. Heh, bad Emory. So yeah, then I worked a bunch, got home, ordered Amy a birthday present off the internet, and got bored.

Following some instructions I found over at X-Box Scene, I proceeded to take one spare X-Box Breakaway Cable and a Datel USB Expander and create *dun dun dun* both an X-Box to USB breakaway adapter and an X-Box USB hub! Here are screenshots.

The X-Box hub, at first…

And then after I added more electrical tape.. for safety 😉

The very plain looking X-Box Breakaway USB adapter

The hub connected to X-Box controller slot #4

Check out those ports… thats the money shot.

The X-Box controller’s USB connection

Another, sexier shot. I was just happy it worked.

An X-Box S Controller connected through the X-Box USB Breakaway Adapter to the X-Box USB Hub through controller port #1. POINTLESS!!!1

I should note that in order to get the controller to work you’ll need drivers, I suggest XBCD v1.01 available here, as they’re actually superior to many drivers I’ve seen for commercial gamepads. And free.

Additionally, I downloaded the Action Replay XBox PC Software from CodeJunkies (scroll to the bottom of the site, click Downloads, proceed)… when you insert a memory unit into the XBox controller afterwards you can transfer saves to/from the PC.

Friday night TV sucked.

Today was ok.. woke up around 1:30. Bonnie was calling so that Grayson could talk to Mike… and this pissed me off. It was an ’emergency’, fine.. but c’mon. So far as I understand my cellphone plan, I’ve got a set number of day minutes, which includes incoming calls. Now, if people want to reach Mike, maybe they should insist he get his own phone. Just don’t waste my minutes unless something involves me. And yeah, I probably should’ve been awake at 1:30, but I don’t give a fuck if it was 5pm… if I’m getting woken up when I had planned to be sleeping it had better damn well be for something that pertains to me, yaknow? Anyhow, I think I came off as a dick, which is disappointing. I don’t think wanting people not to call me looking for other people is an unreasonable desire.

Anyhow, work was uneventful. Amy came over last night, she’s really cute. I called like 30 people today, all of whom had Pokemon reserves… and they all had answering machines or picked up, yay.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is fucking awesome. I cannot stress this enough. Having beaten the game last night, I was disappointed. You’re playing as Alucard, son of Dracula, and the end boss was (apparently) Richter Belmont (he was trying to resurrect Drac. just to kill him again, silly). There was an ending cinamatic, credits rolled, figured I’d beaten the game.

Anyhow, something struck me as odd… since, yaknow, every other Castlevania I’ve beaten… first you kill Death.. then Dracula. Fired up the game tonight, wandered around a bit looking for secrets, got these Spectacles of Truth or whatever. Went back to Richter, fought him again, and there was this little floaty ball. Killed the floaty ball first, apparently some demon (named Shaft, he’s one bad mother – shut yo mouth) was controlling Richter, and opened up another castle. The same one I’d just beaten, except (get this) UPSIDE-DOWN. And full of impossibly hard enemies. I went from kicking everythings ass to typing this as my GameCube rests on my PS2 controller causing Alucard to run into a wall (I’ve got armor on that recovers 1 hp per second while moving), so I can heal… so I can turn into Mist and float through these impossible enemies with the goal of finding a save spot so as not to lose my progresss… this game is HARRD.

I just raided the fridge, all I came up with was a coke. I mean, theres some old pizza in there, but it has onions… fucking gross. I mean, really, why ruin pizza? WHY?

I thought I was going over to Amy’s today, but she just called and people there are getting on her nerves, so she’s coming here. Yay 😉

Doom3 is pretty tight, soft-modding XBoxes is easier than you could ever imagine, and I’m growing back the chinhair.

Camping was pretty awesome, I am dirty and beat as hell. We’re talking gross here. My cellphone reception was less than adequate so I was definately cut off from the world (namely Amy and the internet) for 3ish days.





My girlfriend is pretty cool, she bought me a shirt and her voice is all sweet. I don’t really have any complaints. Done with Calc2, finally. Sleepy. Dustin called out from GameStop so I’m going in like an hour and a half early, good employee that I am. Camping this weekend = yay.

Amy came over last night, it was nice… it usually is when she comes here, heh. I just got back into the house, took too long saying goodbye to her this morning and got rained on like a mofo. I know her mom wishes I was mexican… and right now I’m a wetback =D We got pizza and did nothing last night, on account of the T-storm. My week is superbusy so I dunno when I’ll see her again, kinda sucks. Hopefully she doesn’t get hit on too much at MTV on Wednesday, speaking of which I’ll need to get the time her show’ll be on and record it. She’s in the audience for something or other, I’ll put the info here when I get it