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So the newest girl and I are through, that didn’t take long eh? Yeah, it was like a personal record for shortness =D Things were a little too strained, what with me trying to get over Amy at the same time as Cat was seriously ill.

Single again eh? Yep.

Hey, baby, I like it rawww…

Yeah baby, I like it RAWWW!!!

Ooh, baby, I like it raww…

Yeah baby, I like it RAWWW!!!

Ol’ dirty bastard, you Ol’ Dirty Genius!

Cat is pretty sick. Didn’t land that promotion at GameStop. Not a great couple days.

Finally got my English paper done the night before the final copy was due… missing the new girlfriend already and its only been like 2 days, I hopeless.

Somebody remind me to wait a year or two before I plunk down $150 for the Nintendo DS, k? I mean, Check out this SWEET ASS Zelda-edition GameBoy SP… that shit took my breathe away and replaced it with something distinctly not oxygenated, but pleasant nonetheless.

Cat spent the night last night, it was pretty great.. we watched The Goonies and stuff, yay.

Update: Just got back from work, watching the first episode of the F-Zero cartoon, part of the Fox Box. Which means its anime and crappy… Mute City was apparently New York. The show revolves around Rick Wheeler, or as I refer to him, one of the worthless drivers added to the series in the N64 version. The animation sucks, they keep referring to cryostasis as ‘coldsleep’, he somehow wakes up knowing how to drive the hovercrafts 150 years in the future… kinda lame.

So I’ve gotta see Amy again to exchange stuff, bleh. Apparently we’re meeting up at some cheesesteak shack in Millersville MD at an undisclosed point in the future, so that should be the exact opposite of fun, right?

Anyway, I’ve gotta go give a 3 minute presentation on videogames, print out some Health homework and do web development… English got called off on account of it being Rushshushshannalannadingdong or whatever.

Its Cat, not Kat. Sorry for the misspelling.

I think I might get the lady Erik’s mom hires to start doing my laundry too, along with washing the bathroom… the first job, what with all the folding of clothes and such, is way too tedious for me. And the second, well, Mike uses that bathroom too… which means 50% of the hair everywhere is coming off of someplace on his body, so yeah, me wanting to clean it? Not so much. I had suggested we take turns, but on second thought cleaning it would probably only take like 1 hour per week, and the cleaning lady can’t charge more than like… $10 an hour… right?

Didn’t really feel like going to class today, so I didn’t. Had a dentist appointment this morning, got a note, skipped all 4. I’ve got a speech due Thursday, fun right? Yeah, like 4-5 minutes on some interest of mine… oh, plus today I had a Web Dev. assignment due, which I turned in via email. I had a rough draft of some english assignment due, but I’m still feelin pretty bad about the breakup, so… yeah.. writing is hard.

I guess I should finish doing laundry, figure out when I’ve got work tommorow, finish my schoolwork, call Cat (she seems like a really good person) and sleep.

This is Cat, taking her out Saturday… She’s 12.5% asian, plays videogames (a total Dance Dance Revolution freak), cheerleads, sings (she’s going to college for it probably) and was anxiously awaiting me getting single =D She’s a senior in highschool, which yaknow, would deduct points except for it being catholic school (which spells uniform, if things go well). Just talked to her on the phone for like an hour and forty-five minutes, made me feel a lot better than I had beforehand.

In other news, uhm, its 1:35am and I’ve got to testify tommorow (in a court of law!)… I don’t have to be there til 10, they recommend I get there at 9:30. I really dunno what to wear, plus I’ve gotta shower and stuff, so I’m waking up in like 6 hours (blarg). I’d left a fucking note in the back room at work saying I needed tommorow off, but they ignored it and scheduled me, so Bonnie is covering my shift (assuming I’m not out of that courtroom by 3ish). Honestly tho, if I’m waking up at 8am does anybody think I’m going to work until 9pm? Plus I’ve got homework to do, so we’ll see how everything works out… course, Bonnie and I are competing for a 3rd key position, so it might hurt my chances if I don’t show up tommorow. Then again, trying to be a good employee hasn’t really benefitted me, ever.


So Amy = gone.

In other, less personal news, I got a DVD Burner.. and it actually works (woo.)

Nocturne, Phantom Brave and (supposedly) Star Ocean are 3 of the awesome-est PS2 games I’ve played since uhh, what was the last PS2 game I actually played? Xenosaga!

Gonna go… do stuff…. webpage working again.

333rd post, weird.

This part is for my aunt: Aunt Kim, if you’re reading this call me again =D I’m pretty sure your number showed up as private when you called earlier, and my phone was dead. I got your message but wrote down your # and deleted it, now I can’t find the piece of paper. Hopefully you read this.

Alright, now for everybody else.. uhh, the World of Warcraft Stress Test starts at noon tommorow, apparently. Sadly I’m in class until 7 though, so I won’t get to experience the frequent drops and downed login servers commonly associated with the start of an online game… like I did with Ultima Online, EverQuest, Diablo 2 and Anarchy Online (miss you guys).

I don’t know what the fuck is going on with… but its making me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

Damn do I love me some Full Metal Alchemist, I just know its gonna blow once Cartoon Network gets their checkerboardy hands all over it. Bastards. And no, 21 is not too old to be watching cartoons.

I’ve gotta give a 2-3 minute speech tommorow, urg.