This is Cat, taking her out Saturday… She’s 12.5% asian, plays videogames (a total Dance Dance Revolution freak), cheerleads, sings (she’s going to college for it probably) and was anxiously awaiting me getting single =D She’s a senior in highschool, which yaknow, would deduct points except for it being catholic school (which spells uniform, if things go well). Just talked to her on the phone for like an hour and forty-five minutes, made me feel a lot better than I had beforehand.

In other news, uhm, its 1:35am and I’ve got to testify tommorow (in a court of law!)… I don’t have to be there til 10, they recommend I get there at 9:30. I really dunno what to wear, plus I’ve gotta shower and stuff, so I’m waking up in like 6 hours (blarg). I’d left a fucking note in the back room at work saying I needed tommorow off, but they ignored it and scheduled me, so Bonnie is covering my shift (assuming I’m not out of that courtroom by 3ish). Honestly tho, if I’m waking up at 8am does anybody think I’m going to work until 9pm? Plus I’ve got homework to do, so we’ll see how everything works out… course, Bonnie and I are competing for a 3rd key position, so it might hurt my chances if I don’t show up tommorow. Then again, trying to be a good employee hasn’t really benefitted me, ever.