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My teachers are letting me make everything up, yay.

My sleeping schedule is all fucked up. Got another note from the doctor this morning that actually specifies I had/have Tonsillitis, so that should help with completing the overwhelming amount of makeup work I’ve got to do by… some point in the future. I don’t know when because I’ve yet to actually talk to my teachers, argh.

Feeling better

Today’s Date

(bla bla bla) -personal crap-

*mention new girl x* *mention old girl y*

x>y, naturally =D

[silly picture, maybe photoshopped]

I feel _____.

-complain, complain-

-brag, brag-

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Nobody really cares, but its kinda nice.

I forgot to post on here that I’ve got Tonsillitis. Found out Thursday morning. Doctor told me not to do shit til Monday. Sleeping, now.

My fever is gone, I think. I feel a bunch better, all it took was 4 advil and 2 tylenol. Thats a lot of pills.

Earlier I was at 101.1, which I thought was fairly rocking. The fever however, failed to drop, and so now I’m at 102.6… I was hoping for the extra .1 so that my fevers would be corresponding to local radio stations, but alas, it probably isn’t worth it anyhow on account of fevers over 104 killing your brain and all.

I resisted downloading the Halo2, even tho it got leaked yesterday at around noon (at least, I think thats when it went down). I can wait the month to get my reserved copy, plus I don’t think MS is going to look too kindly on the piracy of it’s biggest videogame, ever.

Swallowing has become a unique sort’ve agony, one might imagine comparable to having pine-cones shoved up your anus. I think it best that I get another glass of water and lay down, yes.

My throat feels icky.

Being sick sucks. No shit.

Here’s a screenshot from an upcoming Nintendo DS game… looks like they’re putting that touchscreen to good use.

Slept about 18 hours, being sick blows. Missed all my classes, that really isn’t good. Guess I’ll bust my ass over the weekend trying to get caught up.

These two sayings will sweep the nation…

Too much ookie in the cookie.

Too much eggnog in the baby batter.

These are both © ME, Charles E. Myers, damnit.

I’m getting sick, it sucks. My neck hurts and I’ve got a fever, at least I’m pretty sure I do, because I’m dizzy and freezing. And pissed off. I’ve got work tommorow and I can’t call out.

So, what was I supposed to do today?

  • Go jeep shopping with Dad
  • See Amy again
  • Clean up my room
  • Do laundry
  • Write a rough draft for Craft of Composition
  • Complete my Web Development project

I wound up sleeping until about 7pm, since Amy cancelled on me and Dad never called… I then woke up, spent a couple hours doing whatever the fuck it is I do the majority of the time, Justin came over at like 10… got some food, spent 4 hours playing X-Men legends, and now instead of sleeping so that I’ll be well rested for work tommorow I’m updating my website so everyone can know just how badly my day sucked. It was supposed to be nice, things were going to be said and done… Damn it.

The new GameStop store manager is SUCH A FUCKING PRICK.


Driving my dad’s van is FUCKING LAME.

28 hours of work next week + 15 hours of school + whatever work I’ve gotta do…


FUCK FUCK fuck fuck fuck.

Fuck fuck fuck, fuck fuck, fuck fuck.


Everyone should just have their eyesockets raped.

Hey kids, in honor of being spotty (at best), here is the list of things I hated like a year ago:

When people put beans in my bindle. Or think they’re the first person to tell me I look Amish or Orthodox Jew. Oh, and rejection, that fucking sucks. When they show guys’ asses in porn and they like block the freakin camera, don’t block my porn dawg. Anyone related to me. People who breathe. George W. Bush. Dylan from my first semester learning community. Some prick named Aaron. Potted Meat. Love. Death. Romance. Flowers. Birds who crap on my car. Anything else that craps on my car. ‘Other’ guys. Any group of 3 or more people who dress alike. That I keep chat logs. Nazis and Neo-Nazis. Hippies. Ned Flanders. Posers. That my cousin is dating a psycho. Being single. Solitary confinement. Drinking mouthwash. The potheads who caused me to lose my shoe at Shindig. This crazy chick named Hannah I took out once who told a story involving her hitting an old Mexican woman with her car. When I put the radio on a station and I think a good song is playing but its just a fucking commercial. The Matrix Reloaded. The man. The laws of physics. Physics class. My old physics professor. That Buffy is over. This universal remote that Mom put in the washing machine. Helping idiots when they have computer problems. Getting sad while drunk. Being electrically shocked. Kissing girls I don’t really like. Not getting laid. Chintan Thakkar. Popups. Popunders. Poptarts that burst into flame. That I read chatlogs. Everyone who gave Fight Club a negative review. Potter from Its a Wonderful Life. Jealousy. Being trusted. Secrets. Organized religion. Girls who include the year they were born in their screen name. Purple. Plain Fritos. Pepsi Blue. Getting sick. Addiction. That guy who was always giving Balki a hard time when he worked for the paper. Those spiny things you couldn’t jump on in Super Mario Brothers. Anyone who called the number on the pager in Bruce Almighty. That Lord of the Rings didn’t win best picture of the year. That Godzilla died in the first American Godzilla movie. Shaving. Taxes. Ironing clothes. Knick-knacks or anything that doesn’t serve a purpose. Anyone who hates me. That goddamn Matthew Lesko (the guy in the question mark suit that tries to get you to bilk the government). Not being IMed first. Spam, and the email kind too. Mosquitoes. Bad drivers. Political correctness. Asian drivers. Sleep. The Patriot Act. Ashcroft. The computer game Men in Black. Will Smith’s ‘music’. Eminem’s mother. My childhood. Eating disorders. Rape. Hillary Clinton. That Andy left Conan. The commercial where some stupid looking guy beats up Mr. T. Getting hit in the nuts. Anyone my friends hate. My cousin Josh. Mormons. That Daily Radar went away. That Denver was in fact the last dinosaur. John Mayer. Puking. People who got straight A’s in High school. Seroquil. AOL. Prodigy. CompuServe. That they try to sell e-Books. Intellectual property rights. Copyright infringement. That time they kicked me off eBay for copyright infringement. 56k internet connections. People who watch the Weather Channel compulsively. Michael Eisner. Yanni. Red traffic lights. Macs. People who take photographs all the fucking time. Final Fantasy 10. Microsoft. Bottled water that costs $1 when its just water in a motherfucking bottle, Christ. Cancer. LCD monitors. 89X. That bald janitor with the sharp teeth who hit on my mom during parents weekend at Frostburg. Frostburg State University. The lack of Ghostbusters 3. Working. Boredom. Whores who spread STDs. Wearing condoms. Being manipulated. That Michael J. Fox got sick. The Lifetime channel. Star Trek Voyager. Star Trek fans. Temporal paradoxes. Holidays. Not being shallow. Others who are shallow. Empty swimming pools. Fat people. Ugly people. Stupid people. President Truman. That guy who did the news segment on SNL after Norm McDonald but before Jimmy & Tina. The animated Adam Sandler movie. Boring away messages. Boring people. Stress. Drama. Putting forth effort. Failure. Sobriety. Headaches. Sites that are just College Humor rip-offs. The guy on AIM with the screen name fusion2me. People’s profiles when they’re in love. Talking on the telephone to girls I could care less for. Being stabbed. Being shot. People who eat with chopsticks instead of a fork. Straight edge people. Wires. Seeing Saved by the Bell’s Slater reduced to hosting some show on Animal Planet grinning like they took his soul and administered a Prozac Enema. Video games based off movies. Cellular phones. People who talk during movies. The Vietnam War. Vietnam veterans. The homeless. Homosexuals who are still in the closet. Attractive lesbians. That we were lied to about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. US financial support for Israel. Andy Dick. Guys who are too fucking pushy/grabby with girls who don’t want them. Cheerleaders who wear underwear. People who die without any scars. Tattoos that don’t mean anything. Butterflies. Anything that both flies and stings. That symbol that represents the artist formerly known as Prince. Prince Harry. Adults who read Harry Potter books. People who don’t read books at all. Forced equality. Ramen noodles made with Vodka. Jello shots that melt too fast. The word Moist. Police mustaches. Chain IMs. Chain emails. Public education. School shootings. Suicide. Old people who try to act like they’re my age. Guys who buy expensive cars instead of penis implants. The fact that Britney Spears is hot and every chick I know disputes this. That Christina Aguilera got fat. Michael Jackson. That MTV is gay. That they cancelled The Family Guy. Some chick named Katie I’ve never met. Wearing underwear. Multiplatform video games. COBOL. Trying to make other people happy. LAN parties. Sushi. PT Cruisers. Captain Hook. Anyone who can listen to Buster Poindexter ? Feeling Hot Hot Hot without dancing in some form. Non-rechargeable batteries. That they release Game Boy Advance, then like a year later, they release a better one. Uganda. That they took away my Disney Afternoons. Microwave dinners. Sadness. Disappointment. Waiting rooms. Babies. Poison Ivy. Waking up with an insect on my face. Completely domesticated animals. That I have 4000 MP3s yet it seems I’m always listening to the same damn songs. Sara’s old roommate Krissy. Tribes and Tribes 2. Being compared to the Great Gatsby. Soap Opera Digest. Oprah. Onions. Pickles. Tomatoes. Allergies. When girls cry. Goths. Still not getting laid. M.A.S.H.. My lack of motivation. The people who ride Greyhound busses. Remembering shit I’d rather forget. Guys who take E. Flannel. Wearing shorts. Bicyclists. Ex-cons. Bleeding internally. Insomnia. Getting screwed out of money. Being easily dismissed. Being so damn persistent. Camels. Disney releasing crappy sequels to great movies straight to video. Strippers who con you out of money. Girls’ fathers. Abstract art. Abstract artists. Ashley bitching about Earth science. Caring about anyone else. When I hit *69 and the people are all ?Sorry, wrong number?, that cost me money BITCH. That black guy that was in Phone Booth. The way The Green Mile ended. That Andy Kaufman died. Pollock jokes. Doors where I push when it says pull, or vice versa, and look like a damn fool. Ricky Martin. That song from Daredevil. Daredevil. Tearing up. School bus floors. People who have 69 in their screen names. Those who IM strangers looking for love. Jailbait. Who Let the Dogs Out. Smarterchild. Ex-boyfriends. Owings Mills mall. That they renamed Cranberry Mall. Commercials before Previews when all I want to see is the goddamn Movie. Daylight Savings Time. That I really only know 2 people’s birthdays, besides Jesus and myself. When things with chicks don’t work out. Making mistakes. My dad’s girlfriend. My grandparent’s cat. Watching the time slip away. Being powerless. Knowing I’m right when there is nothing I can do about it. Horrible dreams. Being compelled to look at the images on Thinking about chicks in porn as being someone’s daughter. Being burned. Foreigners who speak their native language around me. Television news tickers reminding me we’re a society with ADD. Those who manipulate people I know. Having both the desire to corrupt and protect. Smoking marijuana. Taking way too many Metabolife Diet Energy pills. Withdrawal. The Taco Bell dog. Poetry that doesn’t rhyme. Guys who fuck decent girls in the ass. People over 16 who ball up straw paper and flick it at you. Evolution. Creationism. When my eyes are bloodshot. Razor burn. Whoever named a flavor Cool Ranch. Fluorescent lighting. Forgetting to get rebates. Trusting a coin star machine. Hitting small animals with my car. When people are so high they’ll stick their foot in a fan for $3. Anyone who owes me money. That someone ?borrowed’ my copy of Bunnicula and moved away. Gambit. The fact Rogue was with Iceboy when Pyro was much cooler. The lack of Dougie Houser reruns. Kids with down syndrome. Sweating. Sprained ankles. Pigs. Thinking about where milk comes from. Thinking about what hot dogs are made of. Soy corn dogs. The Superbird at Denny’s. Losing lottery tickets. Speed limits. Handicapped parking spots. Kevin Hebbel. Blisters. Alcohol tolerance. Most fraternities. Nervous twitches. Africa. That movie with Sarah Michelle Gellar where she is like a food witch or some shit. That Finding Nemo wasn’t about Little Nemo the Dream Master. When the last living enemy in Bubble Bobble levels would change colors and kicked my ass. That hand thing in the first Zelda game. Airplanes. Gazebos. Country music. Getting a hard-on thinking about girls I’ll never make love to again. Seeing my father cry. Excess packaging material. Wrapping paper. School dances. Curiosity about my love life. Outer space. Josh Markland. Andy Schuster. Brandon Almony-Walbert. Fingerless gloves. Sequins. Getting a spider web stuck on my face. Being evicted. Poverty. Dependence on others. The first and second rules of Fight Club. Anything strong enough for a man but made for a woman. Sharp tooth. Feeling guilty. Feeling sorry for others. Feeling sorry for myself. Snorks. Vague answers. Being overly curious. The multitude of different video formats. That anyone teaches C instead of C++. Chaos theory. The idea of free will. Butter knives. Preserves. God. Tyler Durden’s ?death’ in Fight Club. When they screw up my fast food order. Girls who don’t shave. Regret. Remorse. The ending of Evangelion. That I actually watched Evangelion. Anime freaks. Hentai. Calling soda pop. Walking on broken glass. Movies that try to frighten me and fail. That our fingernails just keep on growing. Having horrible posture. That I’ll definitely get Carpal Tunnel. Richard Garriot being separated from Ultima. Bowls which aren’t slanted enough on the inside so you end up trying to scoop something in your spoon or whatnot and wind up making a mess. Finding out a can should not be microwaved. That the rope belt was not my idea. That I gave my lucky necklace to Maggie. That I ever believed in luck. Roosters, definitely roosters. Public restrooms. American Idol. Any season of Survivor after the first one. The Real World. Road Rules. Kevin Sorbo’s sidekick in the show Hercules. Feet. That I’ll be a twenty year old boy. People who talk about Nostradamus’ prophecies when their only knowledge is a chain email sent by a family member quoting something Nostradamus didn’t fucking write. People with god-awful handwriting. That anyone gives a shit about prime numbers. Octal. Hexadecimal. When one of the daughters on Family Matters disappeared. When Urkel got old. The Pitts. That Andy Richter Controls the Universe was cancelled. People without a sense of humor. When my Mom says anything remotely having to do with sex. Watching my dog in it’s death throws because it was stuck in the sun for too long. Acne. When Justin went out with his friends while the rest of us were mourning my grandfather. People who warn me on Instant Messenger thinking I care. Raking leaves. Shoveling snow. Teacher’s pets. Competition. Societal norms. Things which are counterintuitive for no good reason. Rubix cubes. People who think playing Chess means they’re smart. Watching Golf on TV. NASCAR. Playing basketball. The shower in the Mo-Tel. Losing my keys because I went sledding drunk. Forgetting passwords. Hangovers. Bad news. Being in a hospital. Having an IV. Mike Tyson. When the Exxon in Hampstead fired Ron. The night that never happened. When people invade my privacy. Not being given a second chance. Vampire in Brooklyn. Power Rangers. That my watch is an hour behind and the buttons used to change the time are broken. Monotony. Being unenlightened. Kids who fuck up webpages thinking they’re hackers. The fact I enjoy When people won’t tell me whats wrong. When batteries are in something so long they leak and fuck it up. The time I watched my dog get attacked by a rabid skunk and it had to be put down. That book that is like ?10000 Things to be Happy About?. Having no outlet to adequately express myself. Scroll Lock ? I have no idea what that does. Recognizing my own flaws. Sonic Adventure 2. That Nintendo 64 was cartridge based. How the government is making our money look like something I’d use in Monopoly. Winding up with like 4 kids and a shit job in The Game of Life. Hope. The fact Word has all this underlined in green. Lying to certain people. Songs with lyrics that seemingly apply to my life. Moving on. Losing at Skeeball. Carrying a mattress. Blacking out and doing something regrettable. Calling girls by the wrong name. The lack of recent Pauly Shore movies. Getting any hair stuck in or on anything. Closing a car door on my hand. When Erin Frick dumped me in 5th grade. Friendville. People who barf, piss or crap in swimming pools or hot tubs. Divorce. Spousal abuse. Mice. Dirty laundry. Big fat greek whatevers. Sleeping alone. Flat tires. Car accidents I’m involved in. Hot sauce that fails to harm me. People who take everything I write seriously. That Mexican monster that’s on Sesame Street now. That Mr. Rogers died. Jeraldo. Alanon. Lawyers. Things I cannot fix. Things I cannot break. Step shows. When I download an MP3 and its like 15 seconds of the song that just keeps repeating. My inability to compose music. Not getting what I want but getting what I need. Anyone who beat my SAT score of 1360. The idea of a Social Security number, like they’re trying to secure society by making me a number? Fuck the government. Girls who fuck guys out of pity. Cavities. Getting wasted and trying to talk to girls I used to like. That time people tell me I professed my undying love for Lesley, or something. Crows. The plight of the American Indians. The CIA. The FBI. That the border patrol is understaffed and underpaid. The lack of flying cars. Gas prices. OPEC. Woody Woodpecker. Tom & Jerry. That Mr. Fuhrman couldn’t continue on as the Franklin Highschool football coach. Government and Political Issues class. That Dr. Alexander left Frostburg. Ms. Pacman. Gambling. The ending of Meet Joe Black. The ending of At First Sight. Those who believe they are the clothes they wear. Companies don’t have Recess. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III where they traveled through time. That everything is constantly changing. That the Principal of the Uniformity of Nature cannot be proven true. Garrett. People who try to break into cars. That I don’t feel bad when I steal. The knowledge I’m becoming my father. Self-fufilling prophecies. That feeling you get when you realize your life isn’t important whatsoever. The fact our Mass Media is in the hands of a select few. Freedom Fries. The pledge of allegiance. Everything being cheaply made from plastic. Office politics. Telemarketing. Canned milk. CD cases that crack so fucking easily. That most women like jewelry or flowers simply because they cost a decent amount and are entirely useless. Children losing their balloons by accident. The X-Files post-Mulder. People who talk excessively on their cellphones while hanging out with others. Chick flics. John Tesh. David Hasslehoff. Fabio. When things don’t work out in my favor. Some 25 year old in Boston. Minimum wage. Waking up in a Virginia parking lot (since I, yaknow, live in Maryland). Jesus freaks. Graphic designers. Soy-meat. Those bridge levels in Super Mario Brothers. The exploding cars in F-zero. That Sega went 3rd party. Scoobeedoo. Josie and the Pussycats (the cartoon). The idea that the movie Charlie’s Angels got made, whereas great licenses such as the A Team float in relative obscurity. The easily amused. Some folk singer guy who really sucked but I forget his name and I promptly deleted his crappy-ass MP3. That Chris Farley died. SARS. Both chicken and monkey pox. That bird bitch who’s always up in Ronald McD’s grill. No sex no drugs no wine no women no fun no sin no you. When everyone avoids me like a cyclone ranger. Anyone who played Batman after Michael Keaton. The royal family. The total objectification of women. Feminists. My fucking little stress squeeze toy doesn’t relieve stress, but it does make this fucking annoying sound which PISSES ME OFF. The most recent Cosby show (yaknow, the one that wasn’t actually The Cosby Show). Parents who take their children to concerts. Drunk drivers. Driving drunk. That feeling you get when something really bad happens, where you feel like vomiting and you can’t eat. The latest Wheel of Time book (I got halfway through and lost interest). Getting kicked out of John’s house because his dad thought pipe tobacco, which I wasn’t smoking, was weed, which I’ve quit smoking, dirty bastard. That plants die of old age. Whichever guys wrestled Viv for a furby. Row after row of townhouses replacing someone’s family farm. Materialism. Faith, or something that requires it. That I find the majority of the things I hate funny, causing me to smile when I’m angry. The idea that people have ‘paths’ or ‘futures’ or ‘destinies’. Those who don’t believe in some form of fate. Hypocrites. LiveJournals. Lollipops, why must they be on a stick? Why is the stick necessary? Very rarely do I pop something into my mouth the size of the average lollipop and think ‘Boy oh boy, I wish this was on a stick that could get disgusting from my saliva, because I’m too fucking lazy to eat all this at once, I’d like to absorb some of it and leave the other half of the sweet sticky mess for later, after I’ve given my girlfriend an abortion with a coat-hanger, I think after that I could use the pick-me-up.’. Being single. Automatic doors that open slowly, as if to say ‘If you reach me before I open, you win a prize’, the prize? A face full of automatic door. Cheese with holes in it, I just feel ripped off. Printers, what a fucking hassle, they go through more cartridges than my damn NES and they aren’t even fun, its like ‘Oh boy, I got a new cartridge, what fun awaits? A yes, a boringass paper on population growth or mapquest directions to somewhere I don’t really want to be!’. Insiders. IGN. Ferrets as a housepet. The large type of ant (little ones are cute). Guys who fear insects. Medieval fantasy societies. The majority of the people who read comic books. Having a sore throat. Caramel covered apples. Eating cookiedough by itself. Mediocrity. Paying for the sins of our forefathers. Buying things when you’re drunk and then you look back the next day, and huzzah, you’ve spent a little over $100 in a few hours. Knowing the people I love will die, and I am powerless. Cardigans. Geocities. Caitie’s bony ass (sorry babe, like you’ll ever read this anyway). Lack of direction, my. Dewey and his decimal system. McDonalds’ salads. People who find Jesus, they weren’t missing much. After fighting my arms take on the appearance of ground-round (you should see the other guy). Girls who cannot cook, clean or sew. The lack of Yoda fight scenes in like 4 Star Wars movies. That the Dave Matthews band can be credited with the song Where Are You Going?. That I assisted in the destruction of, my favorite website to date. People who chew tobacco. Young Life. That guy Ryan that gives Ashley a hard time, jackass. People who read my website without leaving comments.