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I wish I had cool ninja powers like the characters on Naruto. Then again, I’ve always wished I had cool powers, so this isn’t news. World of Warcraft is pretty good, assuming you don’t mind server queues that can last upwards of 45 minutes. I’ve got a loat of work to do but uhm… I keep watching cartoons… and sleeping… And yes, I know I acidentally typed loat.

Tommorow I work from 11 until… some point after 11…

In addition to the work, I need to shower. And clean my room. And once its clean, yaknow, put up Christmas decorations.

The last couple days have been busy, to the hardcore extreme. Squared.

Hippy Skanksgiving Whorses!

The DS comes out Sunday, I can’t wait til indepedent developers / modders / hackers / pirates get a hold of the thing. I mean, the Nintendo DS is basically a Gameboy Advance fused with a PDA, except Nintendo is choosing to forgo the PDA functionality (for now), reasons unknown. I mean, it has a touch screen, so you could get Palm-style writing recognition or an on-screen keyboard. It has Wi-Fi, so if you’re near a hotspot… web browsing. It has a microphone, so VOIP is a possibility…

Better yet since the thing is wireless and more than one person can play off a cartridge you can obviously transmit data to nearby units which they then execute, so it may be possible to set your PC’s 102.11x card to send code to the DS. This won’t eliminate the need for a flash cart, but its awesome.

Alright, I made a new blog…

Emory’s Wishlist

Enjoy 😉


I’m gonna name one of my kids Patreeve Jhotim. Seriously, do a google search on either of those names. You don’t get more unique than that buddy.

Hey kids, want to see how not to make friends on the internet?

KodaDragon: Hey there

AddictiveDuchess: hello, how are you?

KodaDragon: I dunno, I’ve been awake for like 23 hours and upon installing my new 3D card I realized that my computer was overheating, so I’ve got the side off and a room fan pointed at it, which is also blowing eveything around me in random directions. I can’t help but feel this solution is only temporary. You?

AddictiveDuchess: hehe.. i’m okay

KodaDragon: Not to be rude but you are one insane looking girl 😉

AddictiveDuchess: thank you. and how is that rude?

KodaDragon: I dunno, I meant it in a good way.

KodaDragon: Some people are overly sensative.

AddictiveDuchess: um no. i like compliments.

KodaDragon: Well good, I liked the pics on Xanga too.

AddictiveDuchess: thank you.

KodaDragon: You’re welcome… so, highschool right?

AddictiveDuchess: yes.

KodaDragon: I’m ancient 😀

AddictiveDuchess: i doubt that.

AddictiveDuchess: how old are you?

KodaDragon: 21… and you’re probably like 17?

AddictiveDuchess: fifteen. and my boyfriend is 28.. so i hardly concider you ancient.

KodaDragon: LOL

KodaDragon: You’re boyfriend is a pedophile, thats… nice.

AddictiveDuchess: hardly hun. and if you think that please go away now. i have 8275257252 people trying to talk to me, and you’re wasting my precious time.

KodaDragon: Aww, somebody has an ego… I’m not trying to be a dick, I swear, what should the reaction be upon hearing a 28 year old is fucking someone 12 years younger? Congratulations? lol. Forgive me.

AddictiveDuchess: i don’t have an ego, i am perfectly perfect, and i don’t waste my time on the ignorant.

AddictiveDuchess: byye! XX

KodaDragon: Toodles 🙂

So I’m writing the speech I give in 12 hours, “Illegal Immigration – The Alien Invasion.” Even tho I’m having a hard time paying attention since I keep getting distracted by other things, like videogames, movies, friends, planning this party Saturday, yeeeah. I slept til like 3 today, went to Friendly’s and watched Napoleon Dynamite, then proceeded to sleep some more (7 to 12). I dunno if I’m depressed or tired or what. Luckily I’ve got a steady supply of caffeine and/or ephedra (tho I prefer to the former to the latter on account of the latter causing heart defects if used to the x’treme).

My new graphics card should come soon, mm’yay? I’ve got trouble getting excited about stuff, like, anything. My new Jeep rocks hardcore, and I’m aware of this fact, but it rings hollow. I need to begin work on a Christmas list, which is at direct opposition to my lack of a materialistic nature. Like, what do I need? A decent girl for once, thats about it. And maybe a haircut. Braces, I know, but thats in the works (Wisdom Teeth out like Dec. 7th, braces-process will start a week or two later.) =\ Everyone pity the guy who has so much he doesn’t want anything right? Yeah.

Fuck, I’ve gotta get my UMBC transfer application done already before I forget about it.

Bonnie and Amanda came over last night, it was nice.. we drank, kinda (I had like four shots over as many hours, heh), I was too tired to party. But yeah, tonight Erik and I played Lord of the Rings: The Third Age for a couple hours, ‘they’ should really make more two player roleplaying games. I kinda felt like I was betraying Justin since usually we play everything together, but soon enough I’ll have World of Warcraft, assuming I don’t find a decent girlfriend. Which, with the game being out in 9 days, I highly doubt I will.

I’ve gotta go to work at 11 tommorow. Thats weird since the mall opens at 12… but hey, at least that means I can carpool with Klein!. Bonnie got single, and like… I dunno, we should hang out more, she’s cool.

I’m so fucking jaded. Since when did restraint become something I exercised in any facet of my existance? I used to be all napalm and a dozen roses, now its like… a harsh glare and a wink.

So Amy is finally gone for good/ever on account of being a dirty hobag liar, a fact which was revealed to me only after breaking into her password protected livejournal, so good riddance.

In other news, uhm, no other news.

The GameStop Halo 2 party was pretty crazygood, I think we’re having a combination birthday party for Bonnie/Amanda on the 21st… well, maybe it’ll be the 20th since the 21st is a Sunday.

Well, the new menu has been slapped on the site… I will be going through and re-doing the other sections so this retrofitting is only temporarily. I’ll also be making the menu change color on mouseover, since ykanow, mouseover color changes are everywhere these days.

I’m not sure how to do this, but I’d like to create a gradient that goes from transparent to white, maybe with a height of like 10 pixels, and float it over the frame border which seperates the menu from the main frame under it so when you scroll it seems to like disappear nicely, yaknow? Right now everything looks fine when it loads and gets ugly when you scroll.

Basically I want to go from this to that… basic, I know, but I did this in Photoshop fairly easily so it must translate into HTML/CSS/Javascript/SOMETHING!, right?

Oh yeah, one more funny thing. On the way out of GameStop tonight Bonnie was complaining that even tho she has 3rd key status (and even makes more $$ than Erik) she isn’t really thought of by Rodney as being 3rd key. The funny part? Well, Rodney held Mike and Erik back after the meeting, and took them to a bar… Bonnie was not invited. So basically she was saying how she felt left out at the same exact time as she was, purposefully, being left out.

So tommorow night from 11pm – 3am (at least) GameStop will be open and selling Halo2 to everyone, isn’t that some shit? Not just reserves, every insomnia-inflicted bum who can scratch together $52.49. I’ve got my 2nd TV in here now, and I’ll be getting my 2nd XBox from Justin tommorow, so I’m thinkin that’ll be tight.

Amy said she might come over, so basically I’ve got solid plans tommorow and after 3am either way… seeing Amy, or drunken Halo2 with my sexy co-workers =D

I’m sleepy now, hence this post being sort’ve writing is no good right now, nyes.

Alright, so I’m gonna make room in here for my 2nd TV… I mean, Halo2 does come out very soonish. Prolly getting my 2nd XBox back from Justin when, tommorow? Maybe.

More later, busy now.

So I went over to Amy’s last night, we saw The Incredibles, which was pretty good. My post on Monday might’ve been wrong, yaknow, about us not getting back together anytime soon. I dunno, I really like her, obviously.

In other news the Grand Theft Auto for GameBoy Advance is slowwww, I think they should’ve opted for smooth and 2D vs. choppy and 3D, but hey, I’m just a player.

Got an A on my last English paper, and the English paper before that, but I took a makeup midterm exam on Thursday I’m kind’ve nervous about. I wasn’t sure how much we were supposed to write, so I wrote like 4-5 pages and then wrote a bonus page about Fight Club, since the aphorism I chose to describe from Tuesdays with Morrie was strikingly similar to one of Tyler Durden’s philosophies.

I’ve made a new menu for the site, reflecting the fact I never update the Deidre section… due mainly to lack of time and the impossibility of reading that black bitch’s scrawling.

So I decided to apply some of the stuff we learned in class to my website…

Things should be a lot more kickass in a couple weeks =D



So Amy was here from like Saturday til this (Monday) morning… We’re probably not getting back together or anything, but it was really nice to see her. They apparently upped her dosage of whatever anti-anxiety stuff she’s taking, the results are really obvious… she’s all immature and affectionate in this really sweet like, kissing me on the nose and giving me hugs way, I’d rather her be the way she is than like a sex fiend or something. Not that getting her outta those size 0 jeans once again wouldn’t be the highlight of my week =D

Anyhow, Halloween was kinda crazy/sucky. So Saturday she asks me for directions from here to Delaware (about 3 houses down from where Stephanie2 lived last year), then when she gets here she says some friend invited her to a Halloween party.

Alright, strike 1, its a Halloween party and we don’t have costumes.

So this friend turns out to be somebody she knows off LiveJournal and don’t even ask for Amy’s link because her page is all password protected and the only time you can read something is when she accidentally makes it public and no good has ever come from reading anything on her site which she accidentally made public so there’s really no point in ever going there… which would’ve been ok, except it was a HAVEN party. Thats right folks, I was at a gay/lesbian halloween party with no costume, I did however get to see some crazy fucker wearing a grass skirt hump to and fro while signing the infamous Rocky Horror Picture Show’s “Sweet Transvestite” (and, yaknow, got to see the construction worker from YMCA do The Thriller).

Alright, so we played King Around the Cup or something and Amy wound up drinking too much… strike 2. Well, Amy and I both wound up drinking too much, but my definition of too much includes blacking out and waking up in or under a piece of furniture. Basically we stayed two hours and then it was my job to drive around Newark trying to find the Super 8 with one eye open so as not to find the Super 16. So eventually after hitting a curb or two we get there, and being tipsy I first bartered the room cost down from $65 to $60, and then after proclaiming my undying affection (strike 3) for Amy, argued with her until I passed out for 6ish hours.

I wish I was a musician or artist, words are good for describing solid concepts but you can’t adequately express yourself.

In other, non-personal news, World of Warcraft open beta currently available to FilePlanet subscribers. Normal open beta starts in like a week. Cousin and I partying Wednesday, maybe should invite Bonnie now that Greg moved out? Heh. Web Development test tommorow, probably going to take an English test Thursday, also have a Web Dev. project due Thursday and a speech… arg! Shit, thats personal news. Ah well.