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My new computer is really sweet. I got a bunch of other stuff for Christmas too, including the desk I put together today.

Since I doubt I’ll be updating this tommorow, Merry Christmas everyone.

To those of you who got Nintendo DS’s: Don’t worry, fun games you haven’t already played on the N64 will be out in March.

For anyone lucky enough to snag a PS2: Congrats, you got a 5 year old system which was outdated at the time of purchase. But its every so slightly smaller? Worth one-hundred and fifty American dollars? With the value of our currency in the global market, a resounding yes.

To people whose gifts I am wrapping: Give me a break, I’m sick, you’re lucky I can comprehend the concepts of paper and tape what with my sore throat and sniffles.

Santa was real, so was Jesus. The modern stories of Santa are undoubtedly fiction embellished greatly as time passed, the modern stories of Jesus are undeniable truth accurately passed down over a much greater number of generations. Right?

Well, the semester is over. Am I better off for it? I mean… my writing skills haven’t improved, I don’t think. MLA format for properly citing things is nice and all, but realistically I’ll never have it memorized… and never need to. I still take my own Health fairly lightly, so my Wellness class hasn’t bettered me as a person. Speech was ok, but I don’t think I’ve topped the speech I gave to my American Politics class two years ago, so obviously my improvement there was null.

Web Development, now there is a class where I learned some stuff. I think. I mean, I definately learned cascading style sheets. And how to code frames/iframes (the only thing I used to use FrontPage for)… I’d say Web Development was, by far, the highlight of my semester.

Now its just work til Christmas. At some point I find out if I’ll be commuting to and fro UMBC next semester and whether my games development class at Carroll has been cancelled for lack of interest.

With another 120 hours of Vicodin remaining, it is with a heavy heart that I march into battle. I mean go to school. Actually first I need to shower.

Why am I updating my website? Ah yes, because my cranium is slightly larger than it should be. That sounds so much less perverse than goin ‘Aww baby, my head is swole!’.

So everybody on my buddy lists are away.

None of the 25 sites I check regularly have updated.

The Valerian Root I took is failing to make me sleepy.

What the fuck am I supposed to be doing right now?

I work, I go to school, I play videogames.

Lately I’m getting bored with it.

I just applied for a job on… Not sure why I was even there really, but its part-time temporary telecommuting data-entry at $15-17.50 per hour. Thats basically perfect for me.

I was actually suprised at the number of local, recent listings for IT professionals. All I ever seem to hear is outsourcing-this or cut backs-that…

So I learned a new trick… I can get up, turn my alarm clock off, get back in bed and have no memory whatsoever of doing it. I call this trick screwing myself over.

When making loud noises at 5am, the smart thing to do is to go “Shh!” aftewards. This serves a dual purpose. Firstly, if you just woke someone up there is a posibility that since they heard you going Shh! blame will be placed elsewhere. Secondly, if you prevented someone from going to sleep who was attempting to, the Shh! is a form of ‘my bad’, in that you aknowledge you were making noise and accept responsibility for it.

Too many guys have become women. Its fucking uphauling. Now, I’m not claiming to be super macho or anything, but you don’t see me writing shit like:

“I sometimes feel that I’d like to be loved, however, truth be told, I love to be used. I seek out those people who will use me. I look for those who do it, even when the usage is not malicious. I want it to stop. I want to stop myself and I don’t have any idea how.” – as taken from This guy’s LiveJournal

Or check this, the following quotes and shit are a dude’s away message from AIM:

“Try me. Lara, does anyone know who you really are?”


“Even yourself?”

“Least of all me.”

“So how do you know no one can love you for what you are? Until you know, you can’t have friends, you can’t even really have family– you have to be absolutely alone in the universe. Lara, I just want you to give me a chance . But even more, even if it’s not with me, I’d really like to see you give yourself a chance.” -Myn Donos


Quoting books? Gah! Yaknow who reads a lot? Yes, my grandmother. I mean really, what the fuck guys? Butch up and stop acting like nambypambies.