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So I bought hopefully to be confused with, the reason for HFS not existing anymore.

In general I plan to link to anti-Zol online petitions, merchandise (which I’ll sell) and see how long it takes before I get some sort’ve cease & desist…


UMBC orientation was awful. Like four days ago I called to get an orientation date, so whoever I spoke to told me that it would be on the 13th and I’d be receiving a confirmation email. Well, the confirmation email never came, so at 8 yesterday morning I called UMBC to find out what time I was supposed to be there.

Well, I was supposed to be there at 8, so I hussled a little and got there at 9… no big deal, but I missed the continental breakfast. The lady on the phone just told me to park in lots 8 or 9, which I did.

Anyway, sat around listening to various stuff about the school, talked to some people, basic stuff for like 5 hours. Then it was time for Registration. So apparently at Frostburg State University I’d gotten a C in Computer Science I and a B in Computer Science II. It is the policy of UMBC to only accept a B in Computer Science I or II, so my 2 will transfer while my 1 will not. Clearly if I didn’t understand the concepts of the first class, I couldn’t have gotten a B in the second one, which sort’ve boggles my mind. This angered me greatly, as things which make little sense often do, so after I signed up for my four classes (including Computer Science 1) I got out of there.

Only to get to my Jeep, which was sporting a $40 parking ticket. Apparently in the email I should’ve receieved for Orientation was a temporary parking permit or directions on how to get one or something, I’ve got NO IDEA WHATSOEVER. I’m about to say the hell with it.

Then I hung out with my friend Aneela for a little bit, which was nice, even though I was exhausted and in a horrible mood. She hates being called Aneela tho, but if I wrote Neel it’d sound like a dude.