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CFG – Context Free Grammar

  • A set of tokens (lexemes) known as terminal symbols.
  • A set of non-terminals
  • A set of rules (productions) where each has an LHS of a non-terminal and the RHS consisting of terminals and/or non-terminals
  • A special non-terminal start symbol

action blogPost(girlfriend Anna, classList *classes)
if (Anna==GREAT)
return BRAG;
else if (classes->difficulty()>5)
return COMPLAIN;
return BORING;

So I haven’t been doing too much lately. I quit GameStop like 5 weeks ago, my numbers (reservations and subscriptions) were biting pretty hard, not to mention Uncle Fester was always tryin to keep a nigga down.

I downloaded the first two seasons of The Real Ghostbusters cartoon, which I feel is a pretty awesome achievement. I’ve decided to skip Wednesdays from now on, since I feel if anything my Computer Programming 1 class is harming my skills (since I’m a C++ programmer and he’s teaching C)… I’ll go to the lectures on Mondays, but only because after lecture is the lab, for which we’re graded on attendance.

My Concepts of Programming, Discrete Structures and Linear Algebra classes are hard, I really need to start studying more. I did read my Concepts of Programming book for like 2 hours today, but I’ll have to study some more before class tommorow since I’ve got a test in there Thursday. Oh! And I’ll have all of Wednesday to do my homework which is due Thursday, yes, so here’s hoping I get some actual work done.

Things with Anna are great, I just talked to her on the phone for about 4 hours. She really seems to appreciate me, which in turn just makes me want to treat her better. She doesn’t have a problem with drugs, drinking or being a skank… she goes to Penn State and is trying to get her Bachelor’s in 3 years (she takes way too many credits per semester). Plus she’s totally hot (which you can see if you scroll down), skinny and sheltered (I’m her first boyfriend) which makes me the luckiest son of a bitch this side of the Mason’s Dixon (hopefully Brandon reads this some day) I’m spending this weekend up there and she’s spending the next one here, so I’m obviously going to wind up driving to PA each and every weekend she’ll let me (I mean, she does need some weekends to study, hence me not going there last Friday). I could keep writing about her, but I should get some sleep.

Anna is totally my girlfriend =D

I’ve gotta wake up in like 6-7 hours, fuck Fuck FUCK!!!

I’m taking Wednesday off, all I have is one lecture and if today’s lecture was any indication I won’t be missing much (anything)

Going to see Anna tommorow in PA =D

Here’s a pic of her looking all cute…

Be back on Sunday.