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This new Castlevania screenshot troubles me.



I love Anna so much, I HATE having to say goodbye…

She makes me feel like every idea I have is a good one and I can do anything, which is funny, because mainly what I want to do is walk around holding her hand or telling everyone how much I love her.

Yummy yummy yummy, I’ve got food in my tummy, cuz Anna made me cake.


Anna and I just watched Spanglish… crappy ending. I miss when Adam Sandler was funny, yaknow, in the comedic non-intellectual “I enjoy this because it contains some element of humor” way… he’s getting as bad as Bill Murray. Remember when Bill Murray was funny? Groundhog Day, Caddyshack, Ghostbusters?

What the fuck is he doing now? Lost in Translation? Royal Tenenbaulms? Life Aquatic? My generation is going to know him as the guy who made great comedies in the 80s, then made some crap which didn’t make sense, voiced Garfield and died.

Adam Sandler won’t even have died, but the people who like movies like Spanglish will, and there goes his career.

Goddamn crappy endings.

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I haven’t watched any reality TV shows for years but Project Greenlight is really good. In the first episode (or maybe it was the second, I’m not sure) three screenplays are picked out of thousands to be made into a movie. This season the ones chosen were like… Feast (which won), something else I’ve forgotten about, and Does Anybody Remember When Hanz Gubenstein Invented Time Travel? By Rick Carr…

Ben Affleck in particular really seemed to like Hanz, and since he probably banged J-Lo in the butt, who are we mortals to argue with him?

Anyway, I looked around the internet and found the screenplay, which weighs in at like 120 pages in a .PDF. Its really good.

Download It!