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I bet the concept of ‘scratch and sniff’ came to a guy while sitting on the toilet. Cuz damn, when I be scratchin… you best not be sniffin.

I love Anna so much, its like incredible.

If any of my old girlfriends are reading this, try not to get offended, but you seriously don’t even begin to compare to her. Anna is so sweet, she just exudes this kindness that makes me feel like I could come down with leprocy and gingivitis and she’d still be more than willing to hold my hand in public. And pretty? Did I mention she’s a total babe? Just look at her for Christ’s sake! Even when she’s looking goofy, she’s still looking astoundingly beautiful. And I trust her. Totally. If she asked me to do something I’d say yes before she said what it was, because anything she’d want me to do would probably be good for me. Thats pretty amazing too, I don’t tend to trust people easily. And she’s silly! I realize most people don’t know this, because they aren’t lucky enough to get past her shy exterior, but the girl is a goofball deep down, an adorable goofball who also happens to giggle endlessly at things she finds funny, which sometimes confuses me but usually makes me feel good. And she’s so hard on herself, she fell asleep and didn’t call me at midnight, then called at 3am and apologized for like 10 minutes for letting me down… I talked to her til like 6. Anna really makes me feel loved, I mean granted my relatives love me, but Anna doesn’t ‘have to’ which makes how much she loves me feel even more special. She also makes me feel important, like when I’m around her I could do anything and succeed. If I’m writing all this at 3 months, I’m going to run out’ve things to say at 1 year, heh. Anna is just so wonderful, I wish her family treated her better, they’re all bastards, and the girl is too timid/nice/thoughtful/good-natured to stick up for herself and be a bastard too… which would be fine, if we were together 24/7, since when I percieve the slightest ill-intention towards her I am ready to begin ripping off peoples faces. It kinda worries me that I’m her first real boyfriend, since most people don’t stay with their first love… Thats the only thing that worries me though. Oh! She’s very creative, I had her draw me a picture one day and I can barely tell what the things she drew are, plus she wrote “Pavlov + Conditioning = No Glitter” and “Emory Loves Gary Busey” on there, only one of which I know to be true. This might make me sound like a dog, but Anna is the first girlfriend I’ve had where I haven’t been talking to other girls on the side. I mean, I only ever cheated on Amy, but I still talked to other girls in a flirtatious way when I was dating everyone else (that I can remember anyhow.) With the other girls I just felt like I needed ‘backup’. With Anna I don’t want backup, I don’t want to ever break up with her. And I don’t want to talk to other girls, I’d just wind up feeling guilty and telling her. This weekend we’re going to HFStival, at the moment she actually bought both tickets, tho I plan on paying her back whenever I’ve got the money to. Not that she’d make me, but because she won’t bother me about it I’m probably more opt to do it, yaknow?

I don’t know if its possible for me to express how I feel about her with words, I just want everything to work out.

I want to live with her, wake up beside her in the morning, eat some cereal at a table, watch the morning news and cartoons, do whatever I had to that day, come home to her waiting for me, eat dinner, play videogames or watch TV or something, and go to sleep next to her. And repeat every day. Except Saturday, since there’d be more cartoons.

She’s thinking about transferring to Towson, which would be awesome, because even tho we prolly wouldn’t live together I’d still get to see her everyday. Heck, I’m thinking about transferring to Towson too, UMBC isn’t my cup of tea.

Oh yeah, uhm, did I mention I love Anna?