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So in their rush to release XBox 360 Demo Kiosks Microsoft decided to make a demo disc which could be run from DVD-R. This means you can download aformentioned demo disc from the internet, burn it and play it on a 360.

Which means you can download the disc, replace the included movies with movies of your own, and play them on the 360… tho you’d need to, say, try to watch the movie of Burnout Revenge in order to actually queue up your copy of Weekend at Burnie’s. Not too handy. So harmless right? Wrong.

If the 360 were a private hotel, releasing a copyable disc would be like telling the doorman to let everyone in. Except in every room is a set of keys allowing entry to every other room. It now comes down to walking the hallways jiggling handles. Lets hope someone forgot to lock their door =D

Penn station workers on strike! New Yorkers forced to depend on selves for transportation, CHAOS ENSUES. Gridlock commonplace, poor city planning evident. MTA workers being fined two days pay for every day they strike… Next on the books: Fines for highly skilled employees who quit. News at 11.

I love Anna so much! My parents are being great to us! Christmas will be awesome! Finals blow! Exclamation’s points are in the vogue!