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My girlfriend is the best, I just ate some banana bread she made because it is delicious.

I’m skipping school tommorow. I have to… there’s simply no way I can go. I’ve got my Undergrad Research Proposal and a Theatre Paper due Tuesday and at this point I’ve stayed up so long struggling to write them that I can’t possibly be well rested tommorow which means when I get home around 10PM I’ll be too tired to do a decent job. I’ve also got LISP and OpenGL assignments due on Thursday, which ought to be ok, on account of me having Tuesday night to work on them…

Anyway I just hope when I explain this to Anna tommorow morning she isn’t too disappointed in me.

I don’t care about the Olympics… I can’t understand why anyone does, it’s an international cock measuring contest. Athletes aren’t heroes, not unless they happen to be saving children, fighting fires or busting criminals on the side. Watching other people run, jump, swim or ‘curl’ is not, to me, at all applicable to my life.

In other news Arrested Development is dead… at least, I hope it is (only because in the last four episodes the writers very quickly severed the vital plotlines.) It’s a shame people didn’t appreciate the best comedy since Seinfeld, I don’t blame FOX, they gave the show three seasons, I blame the public at large for being too stupid or otherwise lazy to grasp the dark comedic genius. The 2-hour season finale was, as far as I’m concerned, the last supper for decent television.

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