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There are 2^8192 single kilobyte files possible. Furthermore each file would correspond to one of the numbers from 0 to 2^8192.

Every possible text document, image, sound, movie, algorithm or idea able to be stored within a single kilobyte would be created.

Weird, right? There would also be a majority of random/stupid crap.

Anna puts up with me.. I so lucky!

I might be buying Malcolm’s PSP for the low low price of $120 cash. If the deal goes through, I’ll probably document the transaction in this space. He has a 512M card for it, dunno if I’ll pick that up, depends on how much he wants. Sweet.

Damn you Anon posters… is it really so hard to give a name? Somebody left a comment regarding LISP and sadly blogger doesn’t have IP addresses for comments stored someplace I can access… so I can’t ‘cheat’ and track you down… you. Anyway give some indication of who you are in comments so I won’t have to turn on ‘registered users only’ and make you sign up for a account =D Thanks, that is all. Chick’Fil’A sweet tea makes my teeth and stomach grimace in unison.

Hickory Farms’ “Old Fashioned Crackers” taste and smell like the kind of dump you’d take after you spent a week eating nothing but old newspapers and cardboard.

My turkey sandwich is poorly constructed. It taunts my lack of engineering prowess with every bit of cheese that falls into my keyboard. My delicious cheesy keyboard.