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Tired. Of being busy. Sleep in T-15 minutes and counting. Anna said “Update!”. This = update. Goodnight! =D

I hate little terms like ‘digital age’ and ‘digital divide’ and the ‘Y2K generation’. I find the individuals that use them repulsive somehow, probably because they’re ultimately trying to get something from me.

Blogger is free. Webspace is free. Love is free. Free = wonderful.

I think Brain Age for the DS is a wonderful game. I managed to have a copy a day early (on Easter) and 2 DSes handy… My Dad and I played about 30 mathces of the calculation battle * 30. He also beat my high score for Calculations * 100. This was the first time my Dad and I have seriously played a videogame together since maybe Nintendo. Anyway in playing everyday my ability to perform simple math, at least, is increasing. I have no idea if my memory is getting better, but I bought another copy for Anna yesterday so I’ll update again sometime…

Writing Theatre papers blows.

Got a year of Netflix free courtesy of MSN Search and Win… which I found via Slickdeals. Yay slickdeals!

My stomach hurts, its almost bedtime.

I updated when you weren’t looking Anna!!!

Uncle Ray’s potato chips feature bible verses on the back and little stories. They totally creep me out. They cost $1 and are very spicey. If I was going to be a brand of Uncle Ray’s potato chips I’d be “Always Made Fresh from Nature’s Best” and probably the HOT flavor. They’d have to make a new flavor if Anna was a brand of chips, maybe Uncle Ray’s Sweet Potato verses.

Because with Ray’s, every bag condemns you to hell. I mean, the 10 commandments are there on the back. TEN OF THEM!

(progn (I) (LOVE) (ANNA))

Elder Scrolls: Oblivion is a good game, yep. PSP is a good media player, uh-huh. Sometimes my internet connection goes down, and I’m pretty sure it’s due to too much information attempting to travel through my router. Kinda like too many fat people trying to fit through a revolving door at a lawyer’s office. In Sacramendi.

4400 should be back on soon, I liked that show. Arrested Development will probably be back never, I loved that show.

I say we set our clocks 30 minutes in the middle and never bother with this shit again. Until the moon explodes.

I hope my girlfriend reads this because she’s always going “MNNHUHUHHUUHHHHHH” when I don’t update. Which is like, a lot of the time. I’m busy watching little man taint, yo!