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Great deal on an aluminum case that holds 1000 CDs

Because, yaknow, my birthday is September 4th… act now!

(I love Anna)

I want to move to Australia after I graduate… honestly. Maybe I can talk Dad into taking me, mom and Anna there for like a week so we can see how it is?

I know they’ve got computers down there, I mean, they have websites at least… and hey, where there are people there are retarded people, so Anna would definately find employment! =D

I should totally make a myspace. Hell, it wouldn’t be overly difficult to switch over to using myspace instead of blogger, I dunno. Seems like everybody else has one, Anna included… and here I am, stuck with just a blog. Well, I used to have a full semi-functional website w/pictures and other junk, but yaknow, laziness + Frostburg takin down my webspace after 3+ years of not attending school there = no website right now.