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I’d like my Grandfather back, and no one else to die. Merry Christmas.

Sometimes I think that there are multiple parallel dimensions, one for every possible configuration of everything… We move (or are moved through) these parallel dimensions based on which make sense (obviously a baboon shouldn’t suddenly appear in the room, at least not my room) and on which feature us being alive. Naturally as more time passes the number of dimensions featuring us being alive, while infinite, decreases. How can an infinite number decrease? Well, infinity comes in multiple sizes (ex: the set of numbers evenly divisible by 2 vs. the set of numbers evenly divisible by 3) so the number of dimensions which logically follow from the one we’re in now, and in which we are alive, is constantly decreasing.

So, the downside is that in any number of parallel dimensions we are dying. Right now. The upside is that obviously in this one we didn’t, and we’ll forever keep hopping through being a-ok.

I also think that at some point humans coexisted with dinosaurs because otherwise why would dragons just happen to be gigantic fearsome intelligent lizards? Bah. Hey Anna!