I like Supreme Commander because I am the Supreme Commander.
I like Titan Quest because I quest to kill the Titans.
I’m creating a game but currently it is top secret.
It is programmed in Simula… old school = very yes.
Jalapeno Poppers are the best form of breaded jalapeno ever invented.
Anna always clicks banner games and takes victory over them too seriously.
School makes me so busy.
I think my braces are making my tooth loose.
My stomach hurts, I blame microwaveable dinner!
I wish I had some iced tea. Is it iced tea, or ice tea? Ice tea sounds like tea made from ice, whereas iced tea sounds like tea which was cooled by ice. Kinda like ice cube is a cube of ice, yaknow? You wouldn’t call it an iced cube, unless you had a cube already and cooled it down with ice.
Everybody Anna knows keeps squeezing out kids, es muy terrible, to quote my future gardener. Having kids before you’ve accomplished anything in life and then being like “My kid is my greatest accomplishment” is idiotic.
There was a guy at GameStop browsing the videogames today. He had no hands. His wrist came into points. Maybe Dance Dance? LOLZORS MAKE YOU GO TO HELLZORS!
I wrote a lot.
To quote my cousin: “Emory said hi”