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πku – a mode of poetry where the number of syllables in each line corresponds to the value of the digit at that position after the decimal point in π. The title of a given πku is always 3 syllables and appears at the top of the piece. There is no limit to the number of lines in a given πku.

For a while, as a college freshman at Frostburg, I thought I had time travel all figured out… a combination of spooky action at a distance and the ‘fact’ that time appears to slow down as you move faster… basically action at a distance would make two particles which act like walkie-talkies and then after a few trips around the world in a jet airplane one of those walkie-talkies would be in ‘the future’ and the other in ‘the past’… you could send information from the future to the past and repeat this process in the past, effectively sending the message back to any point in the past at wich you had constructed the device that read information from the particle. I came up with this theory on my own, though I have since learned that it was proposed by different scientests both before and after I thought of it…

So, uhh, here’s another: the universe is the surface of a toroid and is in fact two-dimensional. Something is passing through the center of this toroid and giving it motion (it flows in on itself)… space expands as you move from the center surface area to the outer surface area and contracts as you move from the outer surface to the inner surface. Kinda, sorta, maybe?

The wayback internet archive has inspired me to bring my website back to life, if only for a little while. Working hard? You betcha.

So about updating my website? Yeah… might never happen… granted I’ve had a website in one form or another since like 1997 -BUT- in all those years never had a steady girlfriend like I do now. Having a girlfriend, a real-life-living-with-me type one, means that I basically don’t sit in front of the computer on AIM… it means I sit on the couch in front of the TV, a location which is inconvenient for blogging. Not to mention blogging would interfere with the hugging, kissing and absorbing of illegally downloaded media content (into my hippocampus, where it has recently been revealed 12.5% of incoming freshmen fail to remain sober for longer than 2 weeks). You got your Sonic in my Smash Brothers? You got your Smash Brothers in my Sonic!

My Aunt Kim got me Eerie Indiana DVDs and they finally arrived!!! Speaking of gifts, if anyone else feels like getting me an Octoberween present might I suggest:

8-bit tie is soooo cooool… if anyone wants to wait until Christmas, that would also be acceptable… or I’ll just buy it myself, which I’m tempted to.