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I wrote a version of Conway’s Game of Life that loads in a 24-bit image. Each bit is considered a different layer so an image is just 24 layers of cells, where each cell is either alive or dead…

The thing which is boggling my mind is the following:

The game consists of 4 rules and using those 4 rules you can generate the state of the board at *ANY* point in the future. You can say with absolute certainty what the state of all cells will be in the future by following these rules…

There is never the opportunity to use the knowledge of those rules to determine what the past looked like. Whereas combining the present state with the rule set can determine what the future will look like, there are a large number of potential pasts which would’ve been equally valid to arrive at the present.

Does reality work this way? If so, can we say with any certainty what occurred in the past? Is our universe essentially the collapsing sum of multiple potential parallel dimensions, yielding a single path to the future?

Here’s to hoping time actually travels in reverse.

Really, this guy? You want to vote for this guy? Really? …Really?

Get some sense, vote Ron Paul, America’s last chance.

Ok, webpage update: Made some changes to the structure and so forth… moved this page over to blogger hosting since I graduated from Towson and am unsure how long my webspace there will persist (was already having problems updating my site on their servers). Secured old versions of my website from the internet archive so will try to get those back online whenever I find some webspace (along with a recent copy of my resume and perhaps details on whatever projects I’m working on). The subdomains of EmoryM are:

  • – My old friend Brandon’s long abandoned blog
  • – You know, for selling things.
  • – Supposed to be for emailing me… does it work?
  • – My MySpace.
  • – My long abandoned photoblog
  • – Some people find it humorous.
  • – My wishlist which I will be updating for the holidays.

Ok, so I didn’t make these links… you’ll have to type them in. So sorry. So so sorry. For the inconvenience of typing. On the keyboard. Right in front of you. Like you’ve already been doing.

Another thing for my Christmas list – DIY Drinking Strawz! These look cool and I would definitely drink milk, dr. pepper and orange juice… at the same time!

Its November 5th, which means it is time to donate to Ron Paul. If you’re one of the three people that read this site go over to and give whatever you can. If you only check out every few weeks or so I don’t give a damn, go donate to Ron Paul whenever it is you are reading this. NOW.