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You can’t fight Ron Paul on character, because when you try you make mistakes. You can’t fight Ron Paul on the issues, because if you are a rival politican or the media you have to maintain the illusion that you have common sense and support the founders of this country vis-a-vi the Constitution… so, basically, you can’t fight Ron Paul… but you sure can attack the other gays (oops I meant guys).

What if the amount of money in circulation was based on the amount of electrical energy produced? What if the economic unit of account was the watt? Our economy is currently so dependent on oil, which is a finite resource… would such a system demand that we invest in things like solar? If every dollar represented some fixed amount of energy then in order to increase the monetary supply we’d need to generate more energy, which would drive energy production and consumption, which if we enforced self-regulated environmental standards would mean we would quickly outpace things like coal and oil and move to renewable sources of wealth like solar and tidal. Or is that crazy? I am no economist…

Moving sucks, especially when you procrastinate by writing blog posts. Especially then.

It was the day of Christmas, and all through the house, trash was accumulating, a tribute to louse. The stockings were tossed willy-nilly on the floor, no attempt for order (cleanings a bore). Your base was tucked snuggly up into my stocking, it are belong to us (so don’t come a knocking) And what to my wandering eyes should appear? A whole bunch of gifts from ThinkGeek that are gear. On jacket, on dinosaur plant, on 8-bit tie! On Kudzu, on bible, on palm sized rechargeable helicopter (it can fly!)

And just when my poetry couldn’t get any poorer, I clicked Publish Post and dashed to the foyer.

Is anyone going to actually vote for this guy? Does he even take running for President seriously? Is the hellish state of our nation a big joke to the wealthy? I’m not laughing.

You have two choices:

1) Vote for President Ron Paul
2) Vote for someone else and join the army

Because if you vote for anyone else we’re going to need a much larger army.

And now for the news:

6 students were shot at a bus stop by a wife beater who had been released 5 days early. Two police cruisers, responding to this situation, hit and killed a 22 year old student. This happened early Sunday morning.

When the man, among the first in this country to receive a partial face transplant, was questioned he blamed the United States government for pressuring him regarding an investigation into corruption in Iraq. The man will be tried in New Jersey, which just abolished it’s death penalty following the execution of Ike Turner, 76.

In other news, Madonna was inducted into the hall of fame for impregnating Jessica Alba using steroids she obtained from MLB players who were named in a recent 409-page report detailing how to create forbidden lego devices.

And that was the news.

If there is a Hollywood writers’ strike why doesn’t Hollywood make more movies from existing scripts? I mean, actors and producers can sorta write, enough to edit existing scripts anyway…

Like, for instance, this awesome script that was beaten out by the crappy Feast on Project Greenlight. Just make it like 4 half-hour episodes and air it on primetime Monday-Thursday… it would give the Heroes actors/production-staff/budget something to do…

Or, by striking, have writers somehow reversed the flow of time and unwritten existing scripts? Or must everything be freshly written else go stale and be discounted, like Weis donuts?

I think I was wrong about the Game of Life vs. reality… in reality energy isn’t destroyed, it merely changes forms. In Life ‘energy’ is created and destroyed all the time… when destroyed, information about the past is lost. In reality since nothing is destroyed (?) the information changes forms but remains. I think.

Oh, and although you can’t reverse the game of life, you could totally take some arrangement of the cells and calculate a previous state that would’ve led to that arrangement… you could either brute force that (generate all posibilities, run the rules of Life, see if the results = what you’re looking for) or create an algorithm (which I’m trying to but it seems rather difficult)… Eventually you might hit some state where you can’t go any farther back. Oh, and if your cells have already entered some repetition of several states then reversing should keep that pattern going, just in reverse… So yeah, stable universes are unsuitable for running backwards.