So I’m living in Seattle now, but things aren’t that much different… same girlfriend, no job, same video games, same computer, same ISP, same computer desk, same TV, same relatives living in the same absolute locations… you’d think moving to the extreme edge of my known world would affect me somehow.

It hasn’t… and although I talk to my family more than ever now, I don’t have anything interesting to say yet… my hours are fucked to hell, I’m routinely staying awake until 5 or 6am and sleeping the day away. I don’t even do anything interesting at night, I mainly wish Anna was awake or hope that I’ll find a job or procrastinate unpacking things by surfing the internet or watching TV shows and anime… different scenery, slightly different furniture layout, same EmoryM.

I’m learning XNA now from a book my Aunt Kim gave me for Christmas, I already jazzed up the book’s included Pong clone. Next my sights are set on the book’s included Breakout clone. I’d really like to make a SRPG using the old geomancy, necromancy, sociomancy, fancymancy system John came up with a few years back… I’d probably steal the sprites from the Final Fantasy Tactics and Ogre Tactics titles… I’m not sure, whatever, we’ll see. Meh^Bah.

I watched the entire anime series Busou Renkin in the span of two days and I’m glad to say I was suprised by two things:
1) It had the best ending to any anime movie/series I’ve ever seen.
2) This guy wound up being awesome beyond all belief:

Really, if you’re bored between your weekly releases of Naruto, Bleach and D.Gray-man… I suggest you work your way through Basou Renkin… its like woah, fa real. Even if you’re an old person and this whole BitTorrent thing is new and groovy and you don’t give a shit about anime because when you think of Japanese animation you think Go Speedracer Go! with some goddamn monkey locked up in the trunk and the mechanic is a midget and instead of a brain like Kitt the car has a bajillion levers like some James Bond reject from the 60’s you should still go to this link and download the entire series and watch them until you too are fishing around in your crotch for a sparkly mask and exploding your great grandfather with sparkly gunpowder butterflies. Can I get a fuck yes? FUCK YES! Papillon and human-type humunculi FTW.