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Kitten pictures are below, as promised! You can click on the thumbnails to make them bigger… Ivy and Cuddle Puff play non-stop… Cuddle Puff is a master of the flying headlock and sometimes runs along the wall Prince of Persia style – no kidding. She’s a ninja. Ivy is the sweetest cat in the world, you can see her licking me in one of the pictures below. You can also see her tongue in one of the pictures; I don’t know what was going on there. Anyway hopefully I’ll post more, I’m going to go play with them now.

We got kittens!

Mine is named Snugglepuff, Cuddlepuff or Skeletor.
Anna’s is named Ivy.
We got them yesterday from the ASHA kitten adoption event and we’ve been taking pictures nonstop for the past two days.

Cuddlepuff is 6 weeks old and white, Ivy is 11 weeks old and a Tuxedo. They’re already litterbox trained and are very affectionate. Ivy will jump on my lap and lick my hand, whereas Cuddlepuff will walk into a room and meow loudly until I come in there, then she won’t let me pet her, but if I leave she starts meowing again.

She’s meowing right now, I’ll post pictures soon.

21st Century FTW!

I got a full time job offer from this company… the timing is a little weird, but I called back and they assured me its legitimate. I double-checked their phone number in Google and it checked out too… they said at this point an interview is a formality. $87,000/year? Hell yes.