Lately I find myself actively disliking actors, actors who are seemingly being embraced by Hollywood. This is a new phenomenon – I’ve always liked certain actors, predisposing me to see movies they starred in, but lately I’ve begun to actively hate certain actors for seemingly no good reason. I see commercials for movies and my gut reaction is a strong DO NOT WANT!

The three chief offenders are:

Exhibit A. Seth Rogan

Exhibit B. Jonah Hill

Exhibit C. Jason Segal

I’m not sure what I dislike hate about these fellows jerkoffs the most, be it their lack of acting prowess or their general hideous appearance. They exude an aura of schlubbiness – I realize this isn’t a word in itself, with Firefox dutifully informing me of my alternatives in chubbiness, grubbiness, scabbiness and shabbiness – but as all of those terms apply I’m afraid I cannot single one out as being my correctly spelled intention. So, in conclusion, please stop putting these guys in movies I would otherwise want to see (I’m looking at you Kevin Smith and Greg Mottola.)