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Smarty is a contemplating system for HP. Its actually a templating framework for PHP, but spell check didn’t like that so I changed it. I kinda like banging together an app in ColdFusion, then going back and writing it the ‘right’ way in PHP. OO and whatnot. I’ll eventually make the app I’m working on iPhone-browser compatible, since iPhones seem to be the hip thing these days. Better than sneakers or pogs I guess, though I wouldn’t doubt if there are sneaker and pog related apps. Its like MySpace was the resurgence of Geocities and now the app store is the second-coming of shareware. Soon we’ll see Jazz Jackrabbit, Halloween Harry and Commander Keen bouncing around when you tilt them. I’ll buy two when the associated costs drops relative to my salary.

I spent the 8 bucks to subscribe to D&DI for the Character Building software. John was right, the site is fundamentally broken – I don’t know if I’m at wizards or D&DI or Gleemax and I don’t think they know either. But hey, I’m not at any of those sites, I just wanted the character builder software and it is really nice (and I disabled auto-renew, so I’m not going to complain!)


I wish Lemmings could really build things. At 30 degree angles. World of Goo was awesome. Flower is neat. Noby Noby Boy is weird. Cats are suffocating me in the mornings with love, Anna punches me in the ribs at night for fun. Marty McFly should rescue Jesus from the cross. Drinking coffee. Overlook printer is nice. Cables on patio made me think of my Dad. Only listen to videogame remixes.‘;,’Window1′,

Burnout: Paradise is much better on the PC.

If you’ve got a 360 and Netflix, I recommend you watch Day of the Triffids. And avoid Transmorphers.

Programming Projects:
BrainManager (ColdFusion 8 / PHP)
Create own version of NEAT/HyperNEAT – integrate with flickr (C#)
Prototype MMORPG crafting system (?)
Work on EarthHome (PHP)
Work on PokeDefs in GameMaker (GM7)

If you’d like to help with any of the above, just let me know.