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Playing Eve Online.
No work at work but people at work assure me I’ll have work to do in the future.
Getting meowed at.
About to watch Better Off Ted and Lost.
Secret things are getting planned about for the summer.
A bit sleepy.

LARPing in the park was good fun yesterday, as was the get-together afterward at Ross’. Anna was nice enough to drive me there AND pick me up, eliminating about 3 hours I would’ve spent on the buses. Snowboarding on the Wii Fit balance board is harder than it sounds, particularly the pulling off of tricks.

Staying at home today with the little lady and our fuzzy girls. I’ve got no complaints. Making money hand over fist in Eve Online. Very questionable decisions being made at my workplace, letting good employees go, not a good sign. Polishing up the resume just in case.

I just got nachos made for me in exchange for writing this.

For cylons, this is pornography

repeated exposure effect

Went to the Pacific Science Center today, it was really cool. We saw this exhibit, which was especially interesting for Anna as apparently the Italians and Ethiopians, historically, have not gotten along nearly as well as Nite Owl II and Silk Spectre II. Did I mention we saw Watchmen?

Yeah, two hours and forty minutes of glowing blue cock. And more, when it comes out on DVD. Seriously, full frontal demigod nudity. Good movie. If you like giant smurf dick. And violence. Which I do. The second one, not the first. Not much anyway. There were boobs too, at least 2 women were topless, so I guess the cttr is around 1:4. That’s cock to tit ratio, in case you’re a fucking moron… So yeah, it was basically an orgy. Yep. I’m surprised Christian groups aren’t up in arms about it. I wish Christ wasn’t associated with these people, from what I know of the guy they’re not representative of his teachings. Wow.


I wish Ron Paul was president.