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So… Republicans are protesting taxes now… but they voted for McCain in the primary, instead of the candidate who vowed to work to reduce / eliminate the federal income tax…

Democrats wanted an end to the Bush-era of presidential power, torture and war… but they didn’t vote for the guy who vowed to end the war, give up the presidential power and would have the sense of justice to prosecute those responsible for torture…

What the fuck is wrong with you people, honestly?

Ron Paul ftw.

I think that 95% of the time if you covered my eyes and asked me what I was wearing I wouldn’t know. Even if I knew what I was wearing on the outside (the color/pattern of my dress shirt) I would likely have no idea what T-shirt I was wearing underneath.

“Oh, I’m wearing my Ecto-1 shirt, I quite like this… good decision I made putting it on 16 hours ago.”

The Mighty Boosh is my new favorite TV show. That is all.

…so being ‘indy’ means your independent right? Basically getting out there and proving you can do something yourself?

And, if you’re successful, in the future you can get others to pay you a bit up-front? At which point you’re no longer indy?

So being indy means you’re unproven, whereas not being indy means you’re successful…

So people who only like indy-things are basically saying they only like that which has the potential to be unsuccessful?


I read this on some other corporate page:

In this networked and noisy world, would you rather work with an agency that molds clients to solutions—or molds solutions to clients?

This question feels like a trick… They follow it up with:

ASI is a new breed of agency whose mission is to help you succeed by demolishing the artificial walls between marketing, advertising, public relations, public affairs alternative and interactive media. And powering every campaign with unmatched technology.

It’s how we work, because it’s how the world works.

Marketing speak makes my skin crawl.