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Leno should retire gracefully. Not a classy guy.

Gonna need to buy two Alienware M11Xs in the Spring… sub $1000 11-inch gaming laptop (wow).

Demon’s Souls for PS3 is very awesome. It is hard to describe why, exactly. Instead, I’ll talk about what happened when I played it tonight:
1) I was walking up this corridor and I read a note another player had left that just said ‘Attack!’ so I attacked. Apparently attacking that spot triggered a trap which killed 8 enemies. I then recommended this note as that kicked ass.
2) I found a merchant, so I left a note near him that said something stupid like ‘You’ll find true love this way’. My stupid note was recommended 3 times. This made me happy.
3) I died like 1 minute after I killed the first boss, and so became a phantom. I joined another player’s game as a phantom, in an attempt to regain life. In the other player’s game, I got roasted by a dragon. It was very fun.
4) There was this spear guy that had been kicking my ass for the past 4 hours every time I got near him with my Barbarian, so I spent Souls to raise my Intelligence and learned Soul Arrow. Finally got him!
5) I saw another player jump over a wall I was not aware could be jumped over, so I did the same. You can see other players playing the single player game (they show up as white outlines).
6) I avoided an ambush by looking at another player’s bloodstain. Doing this showed a red outline of him running ahead and dying. I ran ahead, spun to one side, killed the enemy there, spun around, killed the other enemy. It was awesome.

2009 wrap up:
Best person of 2009 – Anna BaDodo
Best cats of 2009 – Ivy & Cuddle Puff
Best guy sitting next to me at work of 2009 – Chris Fankhauser
Best job I worked of 2009 – LAMP dev @ Design Clinicals
Best purchase of 2009 – My new bed
Best game I played in 2009 – Dwarf Fortress