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So we were creating an observable black hole by making sure that it wasn’t fully connected to adjoining space… matter having something called digital density which could be computed and stored in tables, but which existed in multiple sets of tables which were updated independently of each other – I think these varied based on the position of the observer. Digital density was based on information density in matter, and the black hole was actively trying to reduce this to 0 in all tables, which was impossible due to the procedure for updating the tables. Information density was a measure of how much information was stored in a given space based on the complexity – the middle of a solid sphere would have a low information density, which would be higher on the surface. This was all based on research at the Ghostbuster institute – we were looking for paranormal effects in the surrounding area (some abandoned subway tunnels, I think). Super cool dream!

Had a dream that the forward motion of time displaced… something… you could think about all of it like a fluid, and there were bubbles. And on the surface of these bubbles, you could encode information – and that was how you could send information backward through time. Encoded on the surface of bubbles in the time fluid.

New migraine medication giving me crazy dreams.