The TSA is the Transportation SECURITY Administration. As an organization they don’t give a fuck about anything except security. The TSA is not a corporation and doesn’t give a fuck about customer service. The head of the TSA is not an elected official and doesn’t give a fuck about American citizens. Individual TSA agents are people doing a shitty, unrewarding job because they have been unable to find something better – the job performance of individual TSA agents will reflect the I-hate-my-job strategy of doing as little as possible while avoiding being reprimanded. The TSA can’t ‘win’ because like the war in Iraq there is no ‘goal’ – there is no achievable mission – there is never a point where they are ‘done’. In any endeavor where there is no success state, only failure states, the only thing which can be done is to search for ways to maximize the mean time between failures. This is not a winning strategy, winning is impossible. The TSA can only ever do 3 things: fail, disband or search for ways to avoid failure.