First semester at DigiPen, A in GameDev, A in AI, B+ in OOP. Going to get some code written to render terrain Minecraft-style in C# w/XNA, don’t know when it’ll be in working order (taking a graphics class this semester)… but assuming it gets done (hopefully we’ve got some freedom in projects in this graphics course) I’ll be posting screenshots. Last semester I got a 120% on the AI I developed to prototype some concepts for my MC/DF clone.

Next semester we get to work in a team and create a game, I’m really hoping my team does either a spaceship RPG (ala Solar Winds) or a clone of Minecraft/Dwarf Fortress/The Sims. Hopefully I get to work on the AI!

Applied to volunteer at GDC 2011. Got a 1.5k bonus at work. At Anna’s brother’s apartment. Uh, had a Merry Christmas! Hope you have a Happy New Year.