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Hello San Francisco!

Got off the train, got on a bus, got off the bus, walked to hotel, waited for check in, checked in, took shower, ordered pizza, drank Dr. Pepper, watched Cosby Show.  Did not walk over and get badge, but I can do that in the morning, no problem.  TV gets less relevant to me every time I watch it, so I’m working on our particle system for Drake Savage.  Wait, The Simpsons came on and it seems relevant…

What NOT to do at a GDC party


Coffee without sleep is like being on a treadmill… I’m getting nowhere, but I’M RUNNING SO FAST

GDC 2011

So excited for GDC this year!  Putting the finishing touches on my website so I can hand out my business card with pride.  Also need to update the resume…  and somebody told me it was Thursday already? Bah!

If anyone can help me get into the speaker party, getting respect from Portnow would be an accomplishment…  and the CCP party!  Hopefully they’re having another one?  It is going to be great.